CHRISTMAS TOYS... OF WATERHas already become a good tradition to install a Christmas tree in the school yard, on squares and in parks. Their decoration is often used in traditional toys — glass, garlands of lamps, paper flags and the like.

Well, I want to offer readers decorating the Christmas tree with homemade toys, which basically need the material available winter in unlimited quantity.
Mean ice. Tinted water, frozen in pre-cooked form, forms a beautiful toy, reminiscent of cast glass.
In order to make the form take the strip of metal foil width of 10 mm (in the extreme case, use a strip of tin cut from a large tin) and, when applying it to a prepared I figure, begin to bend in his path. The notched strip is placed on the base (sheet of Perspex or plastic) and fixed on it with the clay. This should ensure that between the metal strip and the base were not smeared with clay cracks.
Fig. 1. Toy machine
Fig. 1. Toy-ice “house”:
1 — base (Plexiglas or plastic, 200X200 mm), 2 — a wall shape (a strip of tin or foil width of 10 mm), 3 — clay, 4 — wire loop, 5 — window (foil 30X30 mm), 6 — Cup, 7 — ink tinted water.
Fig. 2. And this icy pendant is called
Fig. 2. And this icy pendant is called “elephant”.
Fig. 3. And a few more options of ice.
Fig. 3. And a few more options of ice.
Then in the form of embedded wire loop, through which the finished toy then hung on the tree.
Next, the thus prepared form filled with water, colored ink, gouache or ink. It remains to set the form into the cold in a few hours will make a beautiful Christmas toy-ice. To facilitate disassembly of the form is desirable for several minutes to make a warm room — then it will separate very easily.
These toys can prepare in advance and store them outside the window or on the balcony. On these pictures you can see several types of ice, but this does not mean that you should make. On the contrary, more varied, brighter will be your suspension, it will be fun to look like a Christmas tree.
M. KOVALYOV, the Leningrad

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