This comfortable chair can make even a novice handyman. Tools required hand saw, hacksaw, planer, chisel hammer, Yes; materials — the cross-bar 65X35 mm and 35X35 mm, round rods (e.g., shovel handles), furniture upholstery or decorative fabric and foam for cushions.

First of bars procured parts racks and side bars — connecting cross member. If the wood is good, with a beautiful texture, it should be ulcerate. However, you can use second-rate the bars, say, furniture packaging supply, packing upholstery refrigerators and so on. Flawed and tainted places will be hidden under a plaster followed by painting enamel paints — like finish of the furniture is now considered fashionable.
So, have prepared two short front legs and two long back; one end of each workpiece will scrugli — it will be the top. Now letís trace out the General and choose a chisel the holes for the round crossmember that will stretch, woven seat chairs.
Assembly to perform better in this sequence. First, using the side-bar connecting small and large legs: lubricated abutting elements glue (carpentry, casein, PVA), we obtain the left side of the chair, then the right. Then pre – (dry) collect both sides with rods and place try a strip of fabric base, noting (with sufficient tightness) future pockets that are sewn on the machine in several rows. Again disassemble the chair, threaded the rods into the pockets, after which the ends are lubricated with glue and hold final Assembly of the sidewalls. The frame with a stretched fabric based ready. To enhance the connection of the sides with crossbars screwed screws. After drying, the frame puts the cushion of foam with a thickness of 120-150 mm, sheathed furniture or decorative fabric. Is a large seat, small back.
Such designs can be various add-ons: for example, if desired, the pillow back can be done above; it is easy to install and armrests, hard or soft, covered.
Fig. 1. The main parts of the chaise longue
Fig. 1. The main parts of the sun lounger:
1 — frame “back”, 2 a— frame “seat”, 3 — supporting frame, 4 — cross reference half-frames, 5 — lower cross seats, 6 — lower cross “back”, 7 — upper tie bar seats , 8 — upper tie bar “back”.

R and p. 2. The scheme of incorporation of the panel ends to the upper cross members of the seat (A) and back (B).
R and S. 2. The scheme of incorporation of the panel ends to the upper cross members of the seat (A) and back (B).
Chair and key details
The chair and the principal parts:
1 — front legs 2 — back front-foot, 3 — side-bar right and left full frame, 4 — square crossmember, 5 — round cross (stick).

The scheme of fastening of a fabric base cushions
The scheme of fastening of a fabric base cushions:
1 — round crossmember, 2 — fabric, 3 seams.

When the weather is nice down in the deck chair to read a book or simply take a NAP under the warm rays of sunshine.
Never mind that it is a comfortable folding chair is not always on sale, you can do it yourself. This will require a strap section 32 X 70 mm. Of them going two frames: one “seat” with a size of 1000 mm X 550 mm, the second “back”, the longitudinal sidewalls which have a length of 1150 mm, and the cross-beams of 620 mm. Connection of the framework between a — swivel. In the upper cross bars of both frames are made of long slit — width input for fastening the cloth seat with embedded sticks.
Prevents the folding “seat” and “back” in the position of the third reference frame, the upper ends of the side straps pivotally connected with the “back” and the lower via connecting the cross member resting in the done for this the grooves on the seat.
Before final Assembly, all surfaces are carefully sanded and covered with several layers of a furniture varnish.

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