HEAVY SOILThe tillers were made by my father Allan Slavicek mäki in 1984 and is intended for the cultivation and processing of heavy soils. Engine. – scooter VP-150: single cylinder carbureted 2-stroke, forced air cooling. But was later replaced by a more powerful scooter “Tula 200”. Now how easily even the plowing of virgin land. The ignition system is converted into a magneto for tractor starting engines “PD-10M”, it was taken and vostokfilm.

Torque is transmitted from motor 2-stage chain drive to the wheels, which are mounted overrunning clutch, to prevent their slipping, but allows you to easily manage walk-behind on the turns. This system is well proven in operation.
Bearing assemblies, the shafts of the wheels and intermediate shafts taken from agricultural machinery. For comfort and control walk-behind steering wheel has the ability to change the angle in the vertical plane. Made on the wheel clutch lever (on right arm), shift lever (Sredna panel) and the throttle lever (on left arm).
To perform a variety of works by the tillers has a range of attachments: two-horse plow floating type, allowing to perform continuous ploughing; double mouldboard; the Assembly of a 4-arched feet; the potato, allowing to open the rows of potatoes without turnover of the reservoir, which greatly facilitates harvesting; transport trolley with a loading capacity of 350 kg, two pairs of easily replaceable wheels: rubber 13-inch tires from the VAZ-2109 and metal grousers — heavy pounds.
The tillers nearly 30 years without serious damage running the farm.
Yu MÄKI, Olonets

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