TABLEAgree, this is tempting: from ordinary tables to create a dressing table with chair; easel for young artist; a stand where you can show movies and slides, and to store the projector box with slides and movie clips; make a table for classes, etc.

How to make these transformations, shown in figure 1. The rotary device through which the furniture changes its purpose, is a metal tube, at both ends it is made thread screw. Rigidity and stability are provided with clamps that are located below each of the rotatable element. Of course, when turning the clamps are removed.
Wall cabinets — furniture boards: they are knocked together from boards, and then foniruyutsya. The thickness of the shield is 20 mm.
Turn all elements (shelves, drawers, and tables) are made of boards and plywood. Tool boxes, books and notebooks are made retractable. As seats will fit a foam cushion upholstered in fabric. It rests on the plywood sheet and the metal corners attached to the wall cabinets. The four castors allow you to move the Cabinet around the room (unit). Convenient solution proposed for shelf located under the seat: they are retractable (node B). This makes it easy and not bending down to clean up and get the necessary items.
Shelves made from plywood and attached to the vertical support to the metal parts.
Fig. 1. The combined table.
Fig. 1. Combined table.
Fig. 2. Table-easel.
Fig. 2. Table-easel.

Fig. 3. Another option: folding drafting table.
Fig. 3. Another option: folding drafting table.
If you need an easel, you can remove the top item (dressing table) and replace it with a box with tilting Board, supported on the rail (Fig. 2). Horizontal indentations in the side walls allow the rail to move and thereby to change the angle of the Board (node a in Fig. 2). Below in the working position on the Board to put the sub-frame with a stretched canvas or paper, make the retractable support is a metal corners.
Color slides and movies can show table with flip-top lids (see Fig. 2).
The workplace of the student where he is and lessons to prepare, and building, depicted in figure 3. Fundamentally the design of the rotary device is not different from that of the first embodiment. The pin connects three elements (Desk, drawer and Cabinet).
The folding table consists of two parts. The stability gives it the additional support of the two boards set at an angle.
For decoration, use a decorative film.
V. STRASHNOV, architect

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