HYDRAULIC.Imagine you are in class technical schools. Class is in session. Lecturer for the Department sets the course, and the students, as expected, sitting at desks and listening attentively. But here ends the theoretical part, and is unusual in that the teacher, instead of inviting listeners to go to the shop or the lab, asking them to stand in the aisles. Then presses the button on the remote, and the tables as the team descends to the level of the seats. Revved the motor… and rows of tables slowly go under the chair! Fifteen minutes — and the room is free for practice sessions.

A mobile mechanized class exists in SPTU № 178 Atasu village Anarchische district of Dzhezkazgan region.
On the frame, welded corners 90X90 mm, in two rows of ten tables installed. Seat based PA tubular frames, welded to the frame. Tables legs, instead of the hydraulic cylinders. Them twenty, they are all removed from decommissioned headers and rigidly connected with the frame. One-sided action cylinders their stocks are advancing under the pressure of the oil. Pressure relief stocks fall under the weight of the tables. Control lifting and lowering of desks is a valve R75-23, placed on the control of the Department.
The oil in the valve and then pumped the gear pump NSH-46 driven by a motor with power 10 kW and revolutions per minute, 960.
The whole hydraulic system mounted below the table to displace the oil stocks went into the tank by gravity.
In the front part of the frame in bearings to rotate the two guide stars. The middle frame rests on the rollers. In the rear sprocket also, but leading. Here, under the seat in the last row located motor power 0.8 kW, number of revolutions per minute 1400, and a worm gear with a ratio of 50. The torque of the motor through a gearbox is transmitted to the drive sprocket, and the frame with the part goes under the chair on two guide chains, stretched out on the metal strips and attached thereto. Strap, in turn, welded to the concreted into the floor pins. The support rollers roll directly on the floor.
Node hydraulic grade
The hydraulic node class:
1 — frame, 2 — hydraulic cylinder 3 — guiding star, 4 — circuit.

Diagram of hydraulic system
Diagram of hydraulic system:
1 — table desks, 2 — cylinder, 3 — oil duct 4 — dispenser, 5 — gear pump, 6 — tank, 7 — mesh filter.

The Department is located on the platform with a niche, like a garage, but without the gate. Write the dimensions are such that the frame with the lowered tables fit in it completely. On the floor remain the only guiding chains.
All tables are driven well with the remote on the table of the teacher — there is a reverse switch with magnetic starter. But moving the frame as soon as it is some kind of end position, can stop n automatically. PA front and the back of the class for this is the limit switches. If need be, the frame is also really easy to move manually.
We have constructed such a class in technical school. It is simple, reliable and allows maximum use of the usable area of the training workshop. Happy teachers, pupils and, of course, Technicals — it was much easier to clean the room.
K. HAEMATIN, p. Atasu

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