IF IN TOW - GIVINGWith the beginning of the summer season a long string of cars, “tired”, like their owners, in crowded cities during the long winter, at maximum speed mchu their owners to Sunny resorts. And more and more often on busy roads you can find cars with trailers, and in recent years — and intact houses-dachas on wheels. Many have thus successfully solve the difficult housing problem, getting rid of the problem of the presence or absence of free places in the campgrounds. Such structures are not repeatedly described in this magazine (see “M-To” № 6 73, № 7 75, № 7 77. № 5’79).

However, as the sad statistics, more traffic accidents happening to the owners of these “road trains”. This is not ONLY purely psychological factors, the complexities of long-distance travel, when the attention of the urban driver is a little dulled and the only purpose for it is only the “devouring kilometers”, but the fact that the car with the trailer, and even more with cottage-trailer in tow, is in itself a source of danger on the road, because the technique of driving has its own specifics, learn which can only in practice.
We offer to your attention a simple device to the car-towing trailer, allowing to increase riding safety for him and others. It is an additional rear view mirror installed on the remote bracket on the right front fender. Similar mirrors, equip your heavy trucks and the drivers-“truckers”. To install or remove the bracket required minutes.
The first step is to make the upper and lower hooks — they are cut from a steel sheet 3 mm thick. Bend them like wire pattern, transmitted from the location of the hooks. Approximate the configuration of bending of the hooks shown in the illustrations, and it certainly should be clarified in relation to the model of the car, which meant an additional mirror.
As can be seen from the figure, the bottom hook is fixed to the splash guard front wing (by the way, in this place on the splash guard it is recommended to wear cut along the cut rubber or plastic tube), and the top of the mounting bracket, secured by two screws on the fender flare. The bracket is welded from steel strip with thickness 3…5 mm (the size of 20X 150 mm) and a segment of steel pipe or rod with a diameter of 12 mm.
Fig. 1. Additional rear view mirror
Fig. 1. Additional rear view mirror:
1 – upper hook (steel, thickness 3 mm), 2 – plate (steel, thickness 3 mm), Z – bolt M1O, 4 — upper strut (tube diameter 13X 1.5 mm, length 320 mm, steel), 5 — lower strut (tube diameter 33X 1.5 mm, length 385 mm. steel), 6 — clamp (2 EA., wire diameter 3 mm, steel), 7 — spring, 8 — lower hook (steel, 3 mm thick), 9 — tip (wire diameter 1Z mm, length 40 mm, steel) 10 — plate (steel, 3 mm thick), 11 — axle (rivet diameter 3 mm, steel), 12 — bolt (depending on the method of mounting mirrors), 13 — tip (rod diameter 11 mm, length 50 mm, steel), 14 — mirror, І5 — tube (diameter 12X 1.5 mm), 16 — plate mounting (150x20x5 mm, steel), 17 — washer grower 18 — nut M10.

Stand mirror is also made of steel — pipes with diameter 13… 15 mm with wall thickness of 1,5.-2 mm. All permanent joints are welded. Mirror pick such as truck.
Before installing the bracket, contact of hooks with the decorative coating being laid rubber strips with a thickness of 1…2 mm.
There is no doubt that the driver using such an additional mirror, has a much better review; however, please note that the outreach arm increases the overall width of the vehicle.

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