Double car “Alison-nick-2” specially constructed for movement in urban environments. Therefore, before designing, I have formulated the main requirements that had to meet the future machine: small size, minimal curb weight and high agility combined with good stability on the road. Having some experience in the construction of all-terrain vehicle (“modelist-Konstruktor” No. 10, 1996) on the basis of design from Yerevan S. Chopanova, decided to apply it here.
Space frame body made from steel tubes of rectangular cross section remained almost the same as the jeep. Only changed the angle of the windshield (as it already had the rear window from the “Rafik”), the rear part of the body where there was a separate place under the trunk, and slightly decreased the size of the machine.
The outer and inner (only in the cabin) covering is of duralumin sheets with thickness 1.5. -2 mm, bottom closed stainless sheet steel thickness 0,8 mm. the space between the skins is filled with foam. Sheathing to the frame are attached a 4-mm screws and rivets. This way, when an improvised manufacture provides the optimum balance of strength and body mass.
Door frame are also made of steel pipes of rectangular section (30×35 mm). The top sections cut grooves under the vents and seal up Windows. Themselves Windows and door locks borrowed from “Zaporozhets” ZAZ-968. Outer door panels riveted to the frame.
Rear and side Windows were cut from selenitovyj from decommissioned trolleybuses.
“Lasonic-2” was quite attractive, small and torquey. The last quality is ensured through the use of the engine, a modified gearbox (transmission) from the “Moskvich-408” and the main gearbox from the “412-th”. Revision of the PPC was that the cluster gear, input shaft and gear third gear was made in such a way that after mounting on the car wheel from the sidecar FDD not to lose in speed. The third transfer was made boost, and the car easily speeds up to 120 km/h.
First used on our ATV constructive solution to replace regular pulls at the checkpoint used here.
Due to the fact that the new car’s less than the “Moskvich-408″ and it has wheel size: 5×10”, “moskovichevskoe” driveshaft and rear axle beam shortened, and the rod welded on flanges under smaller wheels.
Suspension of front axle to the original design. It is sensitive, but has only one spring located transversely of the vehicle. The beam itself is supported by the five jet rodding. This greatly increases the maneuverability and stability of the vehicle.
The layout of the car
The layout of the car:
1 – propeller shaft, steering, 2 – ball joint (from “M-408”), 3 — wheel (sidecar FDD), 4 — steering gear (ZAZ-968), 5 beam, my front ha 6 — radiator (Audi), 7 — leaf spring front and 8 longitudinal torque rod, 9 — engine. |0 — gearbox, 11 — battery 12 — spring rear suspension, IZ — silencer (from “M-408”, cropped), 14 — fuel tank 15 —main gearbox (from “M-412”), 16 — propeller shaft 17 — rear axle, 18 — seat (from a minibus “Latvia”), 19 — steering wheel (homemade).

This car is “Lasonic-2”.
Front axle
Front axle:
1 — lower ball joint (from “M-408”), 2 — pivot pin (g “M-408”) 3 — upper ball joint, 4 front longitudinal frame (steel 45, pipe 50x50x3), 5 spacer (45 steel, pipe 50x50x3), 6 — transverse thrust, 7 — frame cross beam, 8 — beam front axle, 9 – ring, 10 —spring (7 leaves), 11 — bushing (rubber buffer), 12 — the upper cross beam of the rear wall of the engine compartment 13, the lower cross beam of the rear wall of the engine compartment 14, 15 — bolts M18, 16 — the attachment points of the longitudinal rods with silent-blocks (“M-408”), 17— lower adjustable longitudinal thrust, 18 — the upper longitudinal thrust, 19 — front transverse beam of the frame (45 steel, pipe 50x50x3), 20 — pinch bolt M8 21 M10 fixing bolt, the 22 — rocker (steel 45, листб6), 23 — tie the stapes (stud M12 4 pieces). 24 — clip stapes (steel 45, s4), 25, 29 – washer (bronze, sheet l), 26, 30, 31 —washer (St3, sheet s2), a 27 —silent-block (“M-408”), 28 — finger mounting earrings, 32, 33 – nut M12.

Transverse thrust
Transverse thrust:
1 — silent-block (“M-408″), 2 — clip (steel 45), 3 — thrust (steel pipe 3/4”).

Longitudinal thrust
Longitudinal thrust:
1 – rubber block off “M-408”, 2 – clip (steel 45), 3 – thrust (steel 45), 4 – ear (steel 45).
Beam front axle:
Beam axle front:
1 – lower intermediate wall (45 steel,sheet s4), 2 lower (front and rear) rack (steel 45), 3 – upper intermediate wall (steel 45), 4 – top (front and back) of the wall (steel 45), 5, croan (steel 45). 6 – lateral wall (steel 45), 7 – stop (45 steel, sheet s4), 8 – beam (steel 45, steel 60×6), 9, 12 – eyelet fastening longitudinal rods (steel 45), 10 – finger mounting cross thrust (45 steel, rod), 11 – finger mounting spring (45 steel, rod diameter 30), 13 -a platform attaching the lower ball joint (steel 45). 14 – pad mounting upper ball joint (steel 45).
Adjustable longitudinal thrust
Adjustable longitudinal thrust:
1 – slept-block (“M-408”), 2 — clip (steel 45). 3 – nut, 4 – bushing (45 steel, rod diameter 22), 5 – lug (steel 45).
Earring spring left (right mirror)
Earring spring left (right mirror — inverted):
1-scarf (steel 45), 2 housing bushings (steel 45), 3 – bushing (bronze), 4 bar (steel 45).

The main technical characteristics of the car
The camber angle is exhibited in the Assembly due to the displacement of ball bearings relative to the sites of their attachment on the beam. The convergence of wheels is regulated for steering rod (steering — from “Zaporozhets” ZAZ-968, with the exception of cardan, which is taken from the “Beetle”), and the inclination angle of the rotary axle in the longitudinal plane of the lower longitudinal rods.
Front beam consists of a steel thick-walled tube and welded it to the ends of the box racks. The latter is intended for fastening the upper and lower ball joints swivel axles, springs, and rocket rods (lateral, upper and lower regulated and unregulated). The longitudinal thrust is connected on one side with eyelets, welded to the front axle, on the other hand, with the fixing points placed on the rear wall of the engine compartment. Transverse thrust serves for damping the lateral oscillations of the machine. At one end it is fastened to the upper finger of the right strut of the beam, and the second finger on the cross beam of the body frame. Its length is selected the maximum possible, and the angle of inclination to the horizontal with a full load of the car — minimum.
Suspension spring front axle from the “Moskvich-408”, shortened by 90 mm. ending For that her bottom sheet had to be subjected to first heat release, straighten, shorten, then re-bend and tempering. Educated in ending pressed bushing from the buffer rubber.
Suspension springs to a beam made with two earrings of their own design, installed on the bottom of the fingers I-beam front axle. To the cross beam of the body frame it is securely attached two stirrups.
Suspension of the rear axle similar to the “M-408”.
Car “Lasonic-2” in service was convenient and reliable. After registration in the traffic police, he ran on the roads of our city, more than 10,000 km, and for all six years was not found any damage.
N. VASILIEV, Cheboksary

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