FORKLIFT BRANDS Shiny from the oil the heavy stack of sheets… How to approach it, how to raise and load? Until recently, this operation was quite time-consuming — each pack got tangled up in the rope and be lifted into a wagon by crane. Then had to climb inside and release the cable. Besides the fact that engaged these two people — the crane and crane work, lots of time was spent on loading, unloading, fuss with cables, and the work is far from secure.

So, until recently, was the case at the plant “Zaporizhstal”. Now let’s give a word to the official document:
“Hydrocrabons developed by the club of young technicians of the plant “Zaporizhstal” provides the possibility of loading into wagons packs of any size without the participation of the working crane. This significantly reduces the time of loading. Model hydrocrabons considered by the specialists of the plant, and decided on its basis to develop working drawings and to make beams for use in an industrial environment.”
This is the official opinion of the chief distributors of plant L. N. Forty. What is the design Kutuzov and what it is like factory workers?
Hydrocrabons is hanged on the crane boom and controlled remotely machinist crane operator without the assistance of crane work. Traverse universal — with the help of hydraulic cylinders it can be configured to various sizes of packs metal: length, width and height.
Hydrocrabons for loading sheet metal
Hydrocrabons for loading sheet metal
Hydrocrabons for loading sheet metal:
1 — foot, 2 — the guide feet, 3 — saddle the clutches, 4, 5, 7, 12, 14, 21 — cylinders, 6 — arm swing legs, 8 — tank for oil, 9 — wire rope bridge crane, 10 — carriage rollers, 11 — bracket, 13 — the case of the traverse, 15 — movable carriage, a 16 — shaft yokes, 17 — electric motor; 18 — the lever of the limit switch, 19, 27, 28, 30, 31 — switches, 20 — a guide 22 — ruler-index, 23, 33 — limit switches, 24 — base plate, 25 — loads (pack of steel sheets), a 26 — gasket packs, 29 — gear hydraulic pump, 32 — hoses.
Lifting device consists of a body, two transverse guides attached to them paws, thirteen hydraulic cylinders, gear pump, electrical and oil tank. Setting feet On the length of the stack of sheets is made by moving the guides along the hull traverse, and width — movable carriages. Each of the legs mounted in the carriage on the thrust bearing and can be rotated around its axis by 90°.
The thickness of the bundle is adjusted by moving the traverse along the guide plate.
Loading sheets is now happening. Crane operator raises yoke support plate for a stack of sheets and including the cylinder of rotation of the legs brings the latter under the bottom sheet. Then the cargo is transferred to the carriage, the legs return to the starting position, and hydrocrabons ready to take in the mighty embrace of a new batch of goods.
D. BEVZIUK, head of club “Young Metallurgist” Cut of the plant “Zaporizhstal”

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