FIRE... FIREThis device, which is a container with a rod designed to fight fires in grass-roots fires. His task — to set fire to the forest vegetation. The fact that near a large fire, the air is intensively moving in the direction of the hearth. So, if you set fire to the grass cover on the spread of fire, fire chain will be pulled to him, burning ever-increasing band, where you have no food for the flames. As a result, the fire, stumbled on a Smoking black tape will fall off and gradually subside.

From incendiary apparatus has three major parts: like a big tin tank with a filling hole for motor petrol, rod with fuel line and wire wick burner, resembling a brush. Fire needle valve opens the fuel into the hose passing through the rod and the fuel feed to the burner. The wick is moistened with gasoline, set on fire and down to the grass — now behind fire on the ground will remain the fiery path.
Incendiary machine at work and it is:
1 — tank 2 — filler, 3 — needle valve, 4 — hose, 5 — bar, 6 — burner.
Using the apparatus, it is possible to prevent fires burn supersoil cover in flammable areas, destroy waste wood after felling, hold on Pala. the stubble and hay crops.
The benefits of the new fit before serial: increased the capacity of the reservoir (4 l), high performance (up to 4 thousand linear m/h), reduced fuel consumption” At the end of the work apparatus is composed in compact capacity thanks to the telescopic construction of the rod, which, together with the hose and the burner is cleaned in a special canister.

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