ROLLING MILL... ON THE TABLERegular readers of our magazine and viewers of the television program “This you can” know the name of the craftsman from the suburban town of Troitsk Yury Mikhailovich Orlov. Designed and made machines and devices are thought-out design, reliability and wide possibilities inherent in the universal tool. All these requirements are met we offer to your attention a table rolling rolls.

Table rolls resemble a two-roll mill stand rolling mill. They differ from his factory counterpart not only in size but also in capabilities through the installation of interchangeable tools. With the help of cylindrical rollers with shaped grooves, it is possible to wire of various cross sections: round, triangular, square, diamond-shaped. Cushions with symmetrical crest and groove conveniently peening (knurl ribs) metal plate detail. And installing instead two steel discs with sharpened bevel edges, easy to cut sheet materials — from paper to stainless steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm. Even gears of the drive mechanism of rollers is used for forming the wavy-details: wire zig-zag or corrugated plates. Collapse wire ring or a cylindrical sleeve in this stanochek also not difficult: it is enough to have a pair of cylindrical rollers of appropriate diameters and when rolling to loading the workpiece by the wedge to one of them.
Rolling table rolls arranged in the following way. Base, top plate and two side racks are made from thick steel beams. Using the four M10 bolts and four M10 bolts they connect in a durable carrying skeleton of the crate. The upper and lower platens machined from steel bar d 50 mm and tempered for high surface hardness. Bronze sleeve bearings are lower .a roller mounted in the apertures of the columns, and the upper slides, having the ability to move along vertical guide grooves of the uprights. Bottom slides pressed a small spring, tending to push the rollers from the top of their stroke limit stops are installed in the threaded holes of the upper plate. Simultaneous rotation of both end stops necessary to parallel the movement of the upper roller, is provided by gear mounted on the upper plate of the core. It consists of a wide gear knob freely mounted on a pressed into the center of the plate axis, and two narrow gears, using planted keys on the shanks of the tappets. Turning knob mounted on a Central wheel, you can change the position and stops, however, the magnitude of the working gap.
The rotation of the rollers are provided with a pen, put on the square shank of the lower roller. Upper rotation is transmitted through gear transmission. This not only makes the work rollers are more efficient, but allows to use the design for cutting sheet metal with mounted on their axes of the circular knives.
Fig. 1, the Device of the universal rolling mills
Fig. 1. Device universal rolling rollers:
1 — gear knob (m =1, Z = 50), 2 — gear izibongo stop (m = 1, Z = 50), 3 — bolt M10 (4 PCs), 4 — top stove, 5 — indexable tool: shaped rollers, disc blades, 6 — bearing (bronze), 7 — (steel 20), 8 — screw M10 (4 holes) 9 — high roller (steel 40X), 10 — base (steel 20), 11, the lower roller (steel 40X), 12 — roller gear (steel 40X, m = 2, Z = 25), 13 — sleeve 14 — spring 15 — slide upper cushion (steel 20), 16 — threaded stop (steel 40X), 17 — axis gear knob, 18 — control knob, 19 — arm, 20 — screw M8, 21 — arm, 22 — stick rollers.

Fig. 2. Additional removable instrument rolls
Fig. 2. Additional removable instrument rolls
Fig. 2. Additional removable instrument roll:
1 — shaped cushions, 2 — disc knives, 3 — toothed rollers, 4 — set to collapse the preform in the ring (cylinder), 5 — rollers for straightening.

Assembly of rolls is the connection of the elements of the core and parallel to the installation rollers. To perform additional operations to disassemble stanochek not required: tools quickly attached cantilevered on the shafts of the axes of the rollers. To do this, they have axial threaded holes M8, and the outside pins to transmit rotation. There are mounted on the threaded mandrels and circular knives. If you want to cut a strip of a width exceeding 35 mm, using an elongated mandrel which take away the knives from the rack at a greater distance.

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