POOL PORCHHowever, the pool is too loudly. In everyday life such micropolicy for kids is usually called “frogs”. Building it will not take much time and will not burden your family budget, and the joy on a hot summer day like bath will give you lots and your children and for yourselves. The more that it is not necessary to use this pool as the pool. Due to shallow water in the evening just warmed up to the temperature that is needed for irrigation. And the evaporation of moisture from its surface creates a much desired in the heat cool.
In short, do not delay, get down to business. Two or three evenings and a pond is always crystal clear and fresh water, at your service!
As any body of water is primarily a water hole, then we’ll start. Dig a pit 2000X2000 mm and depth 600 mm. Below at the bottom do not accumulate moisture, it is necessary to provide drainage. Trim off the bottom with a slope to the center of the pit, where a small hole is dug to a depth of 300-400 mm, we will send the water accumulates in this recess.
Tape pool. General appearance.
Film pool. General appearance.
Then mark the points for the pegs. Should get a 1850X1850 mm. square Pegs section of 50X50 mm and a length of 900 mm, impregnated with bitumen, hammered into the intended point so that their upper ends towered above the ground at 25 mm. the wall of the pit sheathed with a roofing material, wrapping it around the top edge of the Board section 25X100 mm, nailed it to the pegs so that the roofing material was sandwiched between pegs and boards, and Board towered over the peg at 15 mm.
The lower edge of the roofing material wrap inside of the pit, pre-notched at the corners. You can then fill with gravel drainage in the bottom of the excavation to the formation level surface. From top to bottom covered with sand. The depth of the pit to the top edge of the Board should be about 550 mm. the Remaining gap between the walls of the pit and tar paper covered with gravel, getting the side drainage. The base of the pool ready.
A pool.
Device pool:
1 — rail lattice soles, 2 — frame lattice soles, 3 — cross strut, 4 — soil, 5 — mortgage of the film rail of the bath, 6 — peg 7 — roofing felt, 8 — gravel lateral drainage, 9 — sandy bottom, 10 — bottom drainage, 11 — plastic film, 12 — Board, 13 — decorative Board soles, 14 — Board-paw.
The corner of the pool.
Corner of the pool:
1 — polyethylene 2 — rail bond film baths, 3 — roofing material 4 — Board, 5 gravel drainage 6 — sandy bottom of the pool.
Marking plastic bath basin.
Marking plastic bath basin:
1 — cage rack, 2 — plastic film, 3 — synthetic fabric.

Left to do removable bottom ceiling-grid of slats and to cut the pool of plastic film the size of 3000X3000 mm. To give the water a color cast, you can use synthetic fabric that is placed under the film and having the same dimensions. The edges of the film, combined with the fabric inserted between rails section 15Х50 mm and a length of 1850 mm and held together by nails. Then lay the tub on the bottom of the pit and, turning corners formed in the outer side, lay the slats are attached to the pegs. Top fix rails removable duckboards. They represent four sections, two with longitudinal rails (long) and two lateral (short). Long section is collected from the three cross-struts — boards-section 100X20 mm, to which the bottom nailed the paws Board section 25X100 mm, length 440 mm, spacers are in the frame. The top plane in the longitudinal direction is sheathed with slats section 40X15 mm with intervals of 10 mm. Short section has a length of 1850 mm and the spacers are the ends of the frame. Reiki is a top plane located in the transverse direction. Finished sections are installed so that the grooves cross struts fixed mortgages Reiki bath.
All wooden parts should be primed with varnish and painted with enamel paints or varnish for parquet.
In the winter the bath should be removed. Turning diagonally and wrap the remaining tail around the gathered slats, we get a bundle dimensions mm. 2000X300X200 the Pit also need to cover with boards, to exclude the ingress of precipitation.
According to the magazine “Housholder”, England

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