In the “M-K” No. 3, last year, as the announcement was published a small article about this tractor. As reported, the tractor I put together in 2010, and although already hard at work on it, but continue to Refine their machine, so in the description and photos that might not be the same. Immediately make a reservation: some components and parts manufactured or customized “on the spot”, and the drawings were made later to clarify the design. Therefore, some dimensions precisely to remove was not possible, they are approximate.

Named his tractor “Makar-2M”. The number “two” indicates that this is a second account made me “Plowman.” First, that is to say, a trial version, with the engine T-200 from scooter “Tula” gathered to “just go”, but later dismantled. The index “M” means that the machine has undergone modernization to replace the engine UD-2S for now – from the car “Oka”. The clutch basket and gear shift is also from “Oki” (VAZ-11113). Engine – liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder carburetor, 750 cm3, maximum power 33 HP at 5600 rpm. Alterations and improvements were not exposed. From “Oka” and the ignition system and starting (electric starter), radiator, and even electrical devices.
Frame – a homemade, welded. It is based on rectangular “box”: a pair of side members with front and rear traverses from steel channel No. 10. At the rear of the frame extended sub-frame, serving as a platform for the cab and the floor, and has a considerable number of reinforcements and brackets, as well as different diameter holes for mounting of units, assemblies and mechanisms. Many of them made locally, so in the drawing they may be missing.
Checkpoint # 1 with the main transmission in one unit with the engine, the differential is locked (satellites are welded to each other). Checkpoint # 2 – from the GAZ-53. Both boxes – four. The torque from the first to the second transmission is transmitted via a shortened CV joint – CV joint (“Oki”), Number of gears: 16 – forward 8 – backwards.
The power unit
Rear drive axle from the car UAZ shortened. Rigidly attached to the frame by a pair of plates welded to the “stockings” of the bridge, and four bolts M16.
Front axle – not leading, home-made, similar to those that are in industrial production tractors: MTZ, T-25, T-40 – U-shaped, oscillating type. Made of thick-walled (about 5 mm) pipe outer diameter 80 mm, Hubs with ball bearings – from the VAZ-2101. As hardpoints (and rolling) of the axle to the frame used rear propeller shaft yoke ZIL.
Managed front wheels with tires from the VAZ-2101; rear wheels from GAZ-53 with welded adapters (Central parts) from Oise, tires – front wheel MTZ-82. Wheel track rear-axis – 1200 mm, front -1150 mm. Base – 1675 mm.
Each rear wheel is mounted ballast – steel ring with a mass of 72 kg. For a better grip with the ground, and in winter with snow, put on their snow chains. Front ballast with a mass of 44 kg is attached to the crosshead of the frame.
Tractor “Makar”:
1 – frame; 2 – front driven wheel (from the VAZ-classics, 2 pieces); 3 front ballast weight 44 kg (steel wheel); 4 – hood (steel sheet 1); 5 – power plant (VAZ-1113, from the car “Oka”); 6 – a radiator for cooling the engine (from the car “Oka”); 7 – air inlet with the air filter; 8 – cab (tractor MTZ-80, small); 9 – spot light; 10 – rear sprocket (tractor MTZ-82, front, 2 PCs); 11 – kickstand (steel pipe 20×20, 2); 12 – side cockpit door (2); 13 – front ground headlight (2); 14 – windshield wiper; 15 – steering wheel (from the GAZ-31029 “Volga”); 16-front axle; 17 —front signal lamp (2 PCs); 18 – rear directional headlight (2 PCs.); 19 – rear view mirror (2 PCs); 20 – seat driver (tractor MTZ-80); 21 – rear signal light (2 PCs); 22 – the hitch mechanism mounted tillers; 23 – side rear ballast weight 72 kg (steel ring, 2 PCs.); 24 – rear wing wheel (steel sheet s1,2); 25 – front wheel (steel plate s1 , 2); 26 hatch cover cockpit; 27 – thrust and steering arms

1 – longeron (channel No. 10); 2 – the portal for the installation of the cabin and securing the steering column (40×40 area); 3 – transmission crossmember-2 (area 60×60); 4 – crossbar of the front axle (dual in the channel area 75×50); 5 – front cross bar (40×40 area); 6 – front cross member (channel number 10); 7 – underground cross bar (40×40 area); 8 – deck seats (steel sheet s2,5); 9 – rear cross member (channel № 10); 10 – cross member of the subframe platform (45×45 area); 11 – spar of the subframe (area 45×45); 12 – cross member of the subframe (40×40 area); 13 – bracket-eye engine mounts (steel sheet s4, 4 items); 14 – front of the radiator (pipe 40×20, 2 PCs.)

Hood (sheet s1)
Hood (sheet s1)
Steering gear (cars) and the wheel (from “Volga” GAZ-31029) are connected by steering the propeller shaft (“Oki”). Rods – homemade.
Brake system – single circuit, rear-wheel drive. Brake master cylinder with vacuum booster – from “Oka”, cylinders – from “Volga” GAZ-З1029.
The mechanism of attachment for tillage tools used (mostly) from the tractor of YUMZ-6, its vertical thrust-lanyards – from MTZ-80, and the cylinder attachment from the tractor T-25. Later rear crossmember hitch welded a ball hitch to connect the trailer from the truck of the car.
To facilitate the management of lengthy guns the tractor supplied hydraulics. It consists of:
oil pump NSH-10 and V-belt drive from the front pulley of the engine;
valve – P80-3/4, three-section, four-position, floating position on all sections.
a homemade tank for working liquid (it is used waste motor oil) with the automotive oil filter;
power cylinder – what equipment do not know, but presumably from the T-25.
Later, a tractor equipped with a cab MTZ-80 old model (“small”). In front it rests on the portal (U-shaped rack), rear “stacked” on the pillows (from the checkpoint of the UAZ). The cabin is equipped with a heater from the VAZ-2105.
Self-made tank (a) oil and filter (b); in the lid of the hydraulic tank has a hole under the probe - not shown Self-made tank (a) oil and filter (b); in the lid of the hydraulic tank has a hole under the probe - not shown
Homemade hydraulic tank (a) oil and filter (b); in the lid of the hydraulic tank has a hole under the probe – not shown
Hydraulic tank:
1 – sealed tank (sheet s3); 2 – oil reducer; 3 – filter (oil filter from the car VAZ or tractor); 4 – suction bend “the return” (pipe 1/2″); 5 – a plug of the second receiving holes (screw 1/2″ with a lead washer); 6 – plug the filler hole (screw 3/4″ with lead washer); 7 – outlet (pipe 1/2″); 8 – drain plug hole (screw 3/4″ with lead washer); 9 – the working fluid of the hydraulic system

The plow
The plough (in the form of A shield, Fig. 3 – not shown):
1 – longitudinal beam of the frame; 2 – main girder; 3 – shield (2 PCs); 4 – lock; 5 – brace; 6 – front

Cultivator (on the front support wheels POS.6 – not shown):
1 – frame (pipe 50×40); 2 – brace (pipe 50×40); 3 – hoe (3). 4 – front legs (pipe 20×20,3). 5 – bit (2); 6 – supporting wheel (2); 7 – lock coupling (2 PCs.)

Tractor, except a two-axle truck trailer car, can be equipped with the following units:
double-hulled plow with the seizure of 440 mm and a maximum ploughing depth of 250 mm. Its frame is homemade, from the ploughshare Coulter, the blade is cut from the relevant parts (only a size bigger) serial chassis tractor DT-75, field Board – a homemade;
a harrow, hung on the frame of the plow on the reclining bracket with a hydraulic cylinder. Lifting and lowering of the harrow is carried out from the driver’s seat hydraulically;
trehkostochny cultivator with homemade frame – they cut the beds for planting potatoes. Of the housing and the drill bit adjusted to the desired distance between the furrows and the depth of treatment;
snow blade – rotary, for eviction of snow left and right, managing them from the hydraulics. He is self-made from 3-mm curved steel sheet the shell of the water tower. Attached to the frame of the tractor through the knot rolling (tilt in the profile of the cleaned road or pad) with fork hanging from steel pipe with outer diameter of 50 mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm. Width of the blade -1580 mm, height (without SAG) – 570 mm.
A. SIMAKOV, D. Dedinovo, Moscow region

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