MINI-TRACTOR Mini tractor built for a friend, a neighbor. The machine is designed for layout of the infield, clearing of snow from driveways and walkways, towing a cargo trailer. The engine and gear shift – from the car “Oka” (welded differential). Transfer case and the bridges – from the “Niva” car without alterations.

Frame – double (“tipping”) bridges rigidly welded to the side members. The site of the fracture – knuckle from the “Mitsubishi-Pajero-2”.
Wheel with outer tyre diameter 700 mm, from “Fields”.
The first downshifts at 1000 rpm gives скорость1 km/h; fourth, increased at 4,000 rpm – about 27 km/h.
Steering – some cars converted; brakes – only on the front wheels.

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