MOTORCYCLE BACKPACKThis small trailer was designed and manufactured when our family received a plot of land for gardening in the suburbs of Cheboksary. Immediately there is a need to transport various goods. At that time I had only the Minsk motorcycle and some old nodes from scooter “Tourist”. Little motorcycle and need a small light trailer. So its frame is welded from steel tubes of rectangular cross section, and reinforced body made of duralumin thin-walled tubes and sheets, securing the wings with the help of argon-arc welding. Then these two main nodes are interconnected by screws M5.

The trailer has independent suspension with wheel shock absorbers scooter and pendulum levers homemade design. Arm consists of upper and lower shoulders on the housing of the bearing unit and suspension Assembly of the lever. The shoulders are made from steel pipes of rectangular section, and nodes turned.

Each arm impaled on your shaft, mounted between the outer and inner brackets. Exterior made of sheet steel in the form of an inverted trapezoid with a reinforcing flange along the sides and welded to a longitudinal beam of the frame. It is attached with screws rubber stop to limit vertical movement of the wheel. Internal bracket is connected through the spacer with the middle longitudinal beam of the frame.
The smoothness of the oscillations of a pendulum on the shaft provide a rubber bushing type of silent blocks. The wheel drive shaft rotates in the standard bearings, protected on both sides by lip seals.
Suspension shock absorbers placed almost horizontally, near the bottom of the body, between the joints of the shoulders upper arms and supports on the outer longitudinal beams of the frame. This design determines the minimum size of trailer height and width.
Tow hitch “motoryzacja” is made under the ball joint of the towing vehicle (ball diameter 40mm). It consists of a cylindrical body, seat and stem holding the hinge to the seat with hitch. The movement of the rod is due to the screw connecting it with the body bushing.
Motorcycle trailer (ia viewed from above, the body is not shown)
Motorcycle trailer (on the top view, the body is not shown):
1 —body shell (made of anodized aluminum, tube 20x20x2), 2 — body coupling (STZ, tube 45×2,5), 3 — front support (STZ, rod Ø22), 4 — pole (STZ, pipe 40x20x3), 5 — external bracket (STZ, sheet s), 6 — frame parts of the trailer (STZ, pipe 40x20x3), 7 — absorber, 8 — solitaire (STZ, sheet s5), 9 —pendulum levers, 10 — wheel, 11—sheathing body (D16, sheet s2,5), 12 — wing (D16, sheet s2,5), 13—circuit safety, 14 — the wheel drive shaft (steel 45), 15 — bearing 204, 16 — cuff 1-26×47, 17 — washer (STZ), 18 — spacer (steel 45), 19 — spacer (STZ, pipe 40x20x3), 20 — internal brackets (STZ, sheet s3), a 21 — bushing (steel 45), 22 — grommet, rubber (rubber buffer), 23 shaft, idler arm (steel 45), 24 — bolt M20-25 — shock absorber bearing (STZ, sheet s3), a 26 — stop (buffer rubber).
The position of the front support: a — Parking b — in case of manual transportation, in — camp.
Case hitch

Casing coupling:
1 — pole (St3, pipe 40x20x3), 2 — knob (St3, rod Ø4), 3 — bushing screw (St3), 4 — rod (St3), 5 — seat (St3), 6 — bracket front mount (St3 sheet s3).

1 — shoulder top (St3, pipe 40x30x3), 2 — shoulder bottom (STZ, pipe 40x30x3), 3 — the case of the bearing unit (STZ), 4 — housing mount Assembly arm (STZ).

On the bottom surface of the drawbar there are two brackets in the form of parallel plates for front mount. And tongue drilled holes corresponding to the holes on the support. The coordinates of the holes is chosen in such a way that it is possible to mount the support in the stowed position and use it for the manual handling of the trailer. It is fixed in any position by two breakable studs or regular bolts M8.
The wheels are also borrowed from the scooter, and lighting equipment — motorcycle. The electrical wiring of the tractor and trailer are connected , via socket.
The trailer has served us well and is in excellent condition. I think such design is quite suitable for road trailer.

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