MOTORCYCLE ON FOUR WHEELSThe idea is to build a ATV (four wheel motorcycle) developed a long time — needed equipment by means of which the trolley with a load of shabby, fishing for the easy road to go, and just go to family members. And, of course, is to have the satisfaction of creation. Ideas in my head were many, but finances — not a lot, and therefore decided to restrict the construction of zadneprov-tion of the ATV, not all-wheel drive. Thought and the basic technical requirements to future design: among them — the presence of a reverse, no chain — still supposed to use the ATV not on the pavement, but mostly on country roads and also decent power and maintainability. And, of course, low price.

A more suitable donor than the motorcycle “Ural”, the rear transmission and a mileage of 12 000 km, did not find, bought for a reasonable sum, and from him and began to “dance”.


Initially affected by the absence of experience with motorcycle equipment and it was not as fast as we would like. But the experience can be acquired.


It is clear that the engine, and more specifically the power unit (in unit with the gearbox and clutch), along with the frame used orlovskie.

The frame in the rear has changed slightly — only shifted by 40 mm back tube seat post (vertical) counters, which is attached to the same Orlowski the pendulum, only now with welded Zhiguli bridge. The lower fork (the rays of the duplex part of the frame) right behind the seatpost pipe rack with the rear rack cut off. From pipe racks fabricated a couple of braces that are welded to the seatpost racks near the pendulum suspension bushings and the feathers of the upper seat of the plug (front mount shock). In addition later the resulting triangles are closed on both sides of the frame rails from 2-mm steel plates. In the joints of the beams and uprights welded another console (from a water supply pipe diameter 20 mm) — pegs for the passenger.

But the front frame is welded to a structure made of steel thin-walled tubes with a diameter of 30 mm — additional subframe for mounting the front suspension. Looking ahead, I note that of the same pipe welded and notched the front bumper and rear trunk (front of pipe with a diameter of 20 mm).




Shortened rear axle from the car


Shortened rear axle from the car “Lada” fell to the ATV fit and drive wheels developed cleats of the tread of the tires provide good flotation


Rear axle — from the good old “penny” (VAZ-2101), only cropped. It needed to be done to ensure compactness and narrow gauge, in order to reduce the turning radius and as a consequence — to increase maneuverability. To shorten the bridge cut off, separated from his seat and bracket and pulled out of the “grip” end flange (the bearing seat). Then shortened “stockings”, again put in the flange and bonded parts to them privaris plate lining. The appropriate length (approximately 185 mm) is shortened and the axle shaft. It is also cut off the wheel flange (just behind the lock ring) and drilled it through the axial hole. Under the hole bored through the stud end of the axle shaft. Inserting the rod in the flange at their mating circumference of the drilled blind hole so that each of the parts were protertia and “scored” it with a wire key. After that still prevail butt “around the circle”.

Native Orlowski driveshaft did not fit to the main transmission axle, and Zhiguli — motorcycle powertrain. In addition, the angles between these components of the transmission turned out to be quite significant. Therefore, the shaft made his own axle shafts out of the car “Oka” with the use of the constant velocity joint.


Front suspension is homemade, a double-A-arm of the square pipe section 25×25 mm, wall thickness 2 mm. steering knuckles — from “classic” (RWD) “Zhiguli”. The upper ends of the levers are fixed to the lugs on the subframe and the lower one to the respective ball joints of the steering knuckle.


Quad based on a heavy motorcycle


Quad is based on a heavy motorcycle “Ural-2” (67-36 IMZ):


1 — front driven wheel (from the car “Lada”, 2);

2 — lower front control arm (tube 25×25,2);

3 — upper front control arm (tube 25×25,2);

4 — front shock absorber (from the car “Lada” is reinforced by a spring shock absorber of a motorcycle “Ural”, 2);

5 — front bumper (tube Ø30);

6 — strut front trunk (tube Ø20);

7 — rear trunk (tube Ø20);

8 — the blower motor (from the car VAZ-2108);

9 — duct (rubber corrugated hose 0100, 2);

10 — fairing (aluminum, sheet s2);

11 — the wheel with the steering shaft (from a motorcycle “Ural”);

12 — fuel tank (of motorcycle “Ural”);

13 — power unit (from a motorcycle “Ural”);

14 — kick-starter;

15 — battery;

16 — stop lamp;

17 — rear shock (from a motorcycle “Ural”, 2);

18 — silencer (from a motorcycle “Ural”, 2);

19 — rear sprocket (from the car “Lada”, 2);

20 — rear drive axle (from the car “Lada”);

21 — driveshaft (from the car “Lada”, 2);

22 — pendulum suspension (a motorcycle “Ural”);

23 — propeller shaft (drive shaft from the car “Oka”);

24 — joint (constant velocity joint from the car “Oka”);

25 — a Pitman arm (from a car “Zhiguli”);

26 — tie rod tip (from the car “Lada”);

27 — a brake pedal;

28 — control knob choke carburetor;

29 — the lever of the brake;

30 — brace rear Luggage rack (tube Ø20);

31 — release lever;

32 — pedal gear shift;

33 — saddle (of a motorcycle “Ural”);

34 — rear Luggage rack (tube Ø30);

35 — front fender (aluminum, sheet s1, 5,2 PCs.);

36 — rear wing (made of anodized aluminum, sheet 2);

37 — headlight (2 PCs.).


The front suspension arms (a—upper arm; b — lower arm; the amount of detail provided in relation to the same lever)


The front suspension arms (a—upper arm; b — lower arm; the amount of detail provided in relation to the same arm):


1 — beam (tube 25×25, 2);

2 — intermediate crossmember (tube 25×25);

3 — the end cross member (tube 25×25);

4 — Bush saylen-unit (2 PCs.);

5 — eyelet of the shock absorber (steel, sheet s5, 2 PCs.)


Shock absorbers in the front — from the VAZ-2101 is arranged with a spring from the “Ural”. Rear left family orlovskie in order to identify which is better: bike or car. Brake system used cars, only without a vacuum servo and Parking brake. Drive on the main brake cylinder is effected from the usual motorcycle pedals.


Cylinders equipped with forced air cooling


tion from the fan of an oven of the car VAZ-2108. He switched the switch, as required in conditions of reduced heat dissipation of the motor.


Wheels and tires the ATV is also the Zhiguli, only the front tires are road tread, and at the rear wheels — it all terrain (more “toothy”).

Steering — mixed type: car-motociklai. The wheel of the motorcycle “Ural”, a lever. But further — all car (VAZ-2105): column, fry, thrust to the levers of wheel of fists and the fists.


The ATV is equipped with two trunk: front and rear. Their configuration is a figment of the imagination of the author, the manufacturer does not cause difficulties — it’s like a workout for an athlete.


On-Board electric network of the Quad as the base motorcycle, 12 volts. Of equipment yet installed the front headlights and rear brake light. Plan to mount and turn indicators.


After the first sea trials of the ATV, it became clear that he needed large fenders with mud flaps. Wings made of duralumin sheet thickness of 1.5 mm, and the front of 5-mm rubber. Console for the fastening of wings made from strips of steel thin-walled pipes with a diameter of 16 mm were welded to the frame in place. Wings thereto attached self-cuts.


The ATV frame (welded construction)


ATV frame (welded construction):


1 additional crossmember subframe (tube Ø20);

2 — arm subframe right, left — mirrored (tube Ø30, 2);

3 — bracket fastening the upper end of the absorber of a front suspension (pressed steel channel No. 3);

4 — eyelet lugs attach the upper end of the control arm (steel, sheet s5, 16).

5 — passenger footrest (steel pipe Ø20, 2);

6 — seat front (of the frame of the motorcycle “Ural”, has been shifted back);

7 — brace (from the rear frame of the motorcycle “Ural”, 2);

8 — mounting bracket the upper end of the rear shock absorber (steel, sheet s5, 2 PCs.);

9 — bracket for seat mounting (steel, sheet s5, 2 PCs.);

10 — the horizontal link of the subframe (pipe Ø30);

11 — the frame of a motorcycle;

12 — the power unit.


Shortening of the half shaft of the rear axle


The shortening of the half shaft of the rear axle:


1—flange; 2—rod; 3—bearing; 4—the lock ring


L – length of through overstiya in the flange part of the axle shaft and the length of the groove on the rod

D – diameter of the through overstiya in the flange part of the axle and the diameter of the groove on the rod

l is the depth of a blind hole for the dowel

d – diameter of the blind hole under the key


Front trunk


Front trunk


Rear trunk


Rear trunk


Technical characteristics of the ATV are about the same as on the base of the motorcycle “Ural”. Speed due to the smaller diameter of the wheels fell slightly, but tegometall has increased markedly. Improved stability, especially felt on bends and slopes.


Its purpose, kvadrocik performs completely. But in fairness it should be noted that the rear suspension dependent pendulum has a number of drawbacks such as the rigidity of the stroke, large torsion load on the node. But it is easy to manufacture, and on the slope better keeps from stalling on the side, which is important in a small rut. And its inelasticity kompensiruet soft front suspension. Automotive shock absorbers, no doubt, better than the motorcycle. And yet — to control the machine still requires man power.


But in General, with a relatively modest investment in this project is the result I am satisfied.


Sergei PLETNEV, the city of ocher, Perm Krai

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