multi-purpose Tractor I built out of assemblies, mechanisms and components of decommissioned automotive and agricultural equipment. The D20 engine, diesel, power of 20 HP transmission—four-speed, the car GAS-52. In the transmission there is a reverse mechanism which secures the tractor to move backwards as fast as forwards—from 6 to 26 km/h.

Length of the tractor—3010 mm, width 1650 mm, “agricultural” (road) ground clearance— 350 mm, weight—1350 kg.
A tractor equipped with a compressor, shaft and hydro-mechanical linkage, through which the car has gained versatility. For connected agriculture, almost all agricultural machines: plows, cultivator, mower, etc. Can be mounted dozer blade (spade), to tow trailers with carrying capacity up to 2 t. the Tractor serves as a drive for crusher conveyers. Using its compressor to produce color large surfaces.
Alexander NOVAK

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