SWIM ON THE COT...It is known that fish from a boat is better than from the shore — usually this fishing is much more successful. But the boat, at least the rubber there is not every adult lover of fishing. And where to get such a watercraft, for example, a young angler? Even the larger chamber of the wheel of the truck he to find easy. So inadvertently to pierce fish hook wonder. Meanwhile, the decision of the question to ensure yourself is reliable and cheap (if not free) craft lies under your feet. Using items that are discarded because they cannot be repaired or no longer needed, you can quickly build a good raft.

For its production need four plastic box of glass bottles (without interior walls), an old cot and a few dozen plastic liter bottles with caps. If the drawers are cracked, then they need to pull the wrap of annealed steel (easier to bend and not break) wire diameter 1.5—2 mm.

The wheels on the end shania for the transportation of the raft
The wheels on the end shania for the transportation of the raft
General view of the raft
General view of the raft:


1 — tube frame; 2 plastic box from under the glass (4 PCs); 3 — the last stand: 4 — average stand; 5 — seat (Board 200×20); 6 — arc of the traverse; the 7 — strand (wire d1,5…2); 8 — hose clamps (4 PCs); 9 — plastic bottles of 1.5 l; 10 — the twist (twine)
1 — blade (aluminum, Micarta, sheet s2, 2): — the spindle (a wooden rod) 3 —strand (wire d1,5.. 2)
Inverted frame clamshell — ready power set for a raft. Usually the old cots is torn awning canvas. Remains it must be removed along with the springs. Whole cloth and you can leave — it will serve as a soft deck. If the frame of the cot is broken handset, then their parts should be connected by coupling or patch tires (slightly flattened longitudinal halves of the same tubes), sealed along the length of the multi-wire twisting.
The construction of the raft to begin with, saw off nozhovkoj on metal hinges arc headboard. Let this arc traverse, attaching each “whisker” to the tubes of the frame in the middle of at least two twists to each half (as a splint in case of broken tube) to the frame could not arbitrarily be folded on hinge. But the best one half to combine four clamps, two on each side. The clamps will allow by partial disassembly to fold the frame of the cot and to make a raft of smaller, if necessary, for example, for transportation.
Then attach to the frame boxes-floats, placing them at the corners of the frame upside down. Boxes can be tied with nylon twine as follows: the long side of the upper belt to the tube frame, and middle lower (bottom) belt — one of the legs of the cot, which now will act as stands. The upper belt of the boxes for reliability, it is desirable to strengthen by pulling them with a Hoop of wire.
Seat made of boards with a minimum thickness of 20 mm. in Width of 150-200 mm, and the length is slightly larger than the distance between the extreme posts. The top boards need to trim and Polish with emery cloth or covered with leather or some film. Board noise underneath the b-pillar, operaen in the extreme and installing it along the axis of the frame, firmly tied to a pillar by a string or wire.
Now, for convenience putting the raft on its side or flipping it over, fills all four drawers and a half-liter plastic bottles (each holds 20 pieces) so that the cap rested on the bottom of the box. When this bottle barely squeeze and may even slightly deform. Let us estimate the displacement: 1.5 l x 20 x 4 = 120 HP Then the raft, given its small own weight, can carry more tons of cargo, that is, will stay afloat even with two boys of fishermen. It does not matter that the feet will be ankle-deep in water, in cold weather will help out the rubber boots. If necessary, the tonnage can be increased in half, tying two more crate of bottles in the middle of the raft, attaching them to the frame and the middle frame uprights.
When the described the layout of the raft has good stability, and its survivability (ability to stay afloat when any damage) and maintainability can not speak: the damage even a few bottles does not threaten (compare with punctured rubber boats or camera), and the fix is to replace the damaged bottles at the integers.
As a mover it is better to use a two-bladed paddle canoe type boats that they prefer to paddle and control. In a shallow pond, you can move with the pole. Enthusiasts of the “sailors” have the ability to install even on a raft a sail attached to the mast clamps to the pillar and an arc traverse. If necessary, move the raft by land it can be equipped with a pair of wheels from children’s bikes or strollers they attach the axle to one end of a Board seat.
I. Yankin, engineer of Baikonur, Kazakhstan

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