The idea to build the Rover on low-pressure tires came to us with father after he was unable to rise to the snowmobile “Buran” to “Lunar glade” in Arkhyz. The design of the machine — type buggy, double, all-wheel drive. Frame — spatial with arc security, welded from tubes. Both the leading axle — back cars. Front axle is rigidly attached to the frame, and the suspension of the wheels — independent, transverse A-arm with clinohedrite dampers. Torque from the axle shafts is delivered to the wheels via CV joints. Rear suspension — dependent. Rear axle and its axle shaft just lengthened (track greater than 2 m). To the frame it is attached to the trailing arm with spring-hydraulic shock absorbers. Base — 2600 mm.

A used engine from VAZ-2108, and the problem of four-wheel drive solved an unusual but simple way: the power unit is placed along (as you know, on a basic car it is perpendicular), and the transmission shafts of the transmission are not sent to the right and left wheels, and the main transmission front and rear axles
Wheel — made, changeable in the winter with the tires of the cameras from the tractor T-150, belted a fire hose in the summer — tires “Bel-79”. Ground clearance was equal to, respectively, 500 and 350 mm
Tested “in battle” when climbing a mountain Dombai-Elgin showed that the “bars” (as we called the machine) is able to climb 45-degree inclines, and stay on the same slope.
M. BALANDIN, Stavropol

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