VACUUM-CLEANERSVacuum cleaner — large home hard worker: in addition to his primary duties, he can whitewash the ceilings, painting the car, spray the flowers. However, it is possible to “teach” to another profession, and fabricated a simple device by which you can “wash” of various carpets, placing them on the open plain.

Scheme of the fixtures clear of the drawings. Tank for detergent can serve as a plastic canister with a capacity of 5-10 p. To exit the soap Lena a little below the main filler neck, make a second hole of Ø 40-50 mm, in which the seal ring passes a pipe cleaner.
Before starting work canister is filled to 3/4 of its volume in cleaning solution (water and washing powder). Delivery pipe cleaner is passed through the o-ring filler neck and the canister is lowered to the bottom. Output pipe with sechinym tip through the sealing ring of the second hole is also attached to the canister.
How to connect a device to the vacuum cleaner
How to connect a device to the vacuum cleaner:
A — for supplying foam; B, to gather foam: 1 — vacuum; 2 — canister; 3-4 — a sealing ring; a 5-6 — connecting pipe of the vacuum cleaner.

Now, it is sufficient to turn on the vacuum cleaner. and they pumped air passing through the cleaning solution, forms a rich foam, which is the tube from the bristle tip is applied to the carpet.
Spreading an even layer of foam across the surface, make them a “wash” frequent movements of the bristle tip on the carpet. After the completion of the carpet cleaning change order of connection devices (see Fig. B). This will allow you to collect the remnants of the foam with the help of others that tip, without bristles. The canister is pre-filled with clean water (not more than 2/3 of the volume), which in this case performs the role of filter foam.

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