WAVEMETERneeded for anyone who is keen on constructing of measuring equipment and equipment for radio control models. Simple circuit universal wavemeter, shown in figure, is a conventional crystal radio set, whose output is headphones included the arrow measuring device ИП1 with the DC amplifier transistor T1.

The transition from one band to another is accomplished by changing the coil L1. Their details are given in the table.
The wavemeter is required to connect the antenna: wire length 70 cm knob of the variable capacitor C1, the instrument is tuned to the frequency generator or transmitter. An indicator is an arrow ИП1, the deviation of which is judged on the power source of electromagnetic radiation.
Details: D1 — the diode D2, D9; T1 — transistor МП39— МП42; ИП1 to 50-100 mA; B1 — item 1,SFMC is 0.5.

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