- TOWER IN THE D-6Widespread in everyday life got electric pumps “Kama”, “Trickle” and others. They are quite efficient, reliable and unpretentious in operation, but are used as stationary units only where there is a nearby mains. However, if you replace the electric light internal combustion engine, the capability of the pump will significantly increase. Through the acquisition of autonomy it can be used to water a distant garden, to pump water from the flooded to the flooding of cellars, to wash the car.

In benzarone, we offer used outboard bike motor D-6 and the centrifugal pump from “Kama”.
Bracket-engine serves as a frame road bike. Her rear fork is shortened up to 100 mm. In the hub frame to the seat carriage is installed a section of steel pipe so that its ends were on both sides of 30 mm. To the base of the unit (duralumin sheet thickness of 5 mm, the size of 250X300 mm) frame mounted a pair of screw clamps for this tube and steel plate with two bolts for a shorter rear fork. In the same way as on a Bicycle, on the frame are mounted the engine and fuel tank. Because time of continuous operation, usually small, its volume can be only 1.5-2 l, so will fit a normal tin of paint.
The refinement engine is to install is the clutch unit drive pulleys. With the cover removed, disassemble the counter shaft and clutch plates. The leading gear wheel is pressed with a shank of the crankshaft with a puller. In its place is machined from steel rod hub pulley. On the shaft it is secured by an axial bolt. Textolite pulleys to drive the pump and fan pre-connect the ends with four M4 screws. They put on the hub of the lower pulley to the motor and move until it stops. In the radial hole of the hub is inserted a cylindrical pin Ø4 mm, and the double pulley moves back so that the ends of the pin were in the radial groove of the larger pulley. Then the hub put on the third, starting pulley and attach it from the end of the five M4 screws. Thus the entire block of pulleys is securely fixed on the shank of the shaft.
 Fig. 1. Benzona
Fig. 1. Benzona:
1 — pump, 2 — intermediate drive roller fan, 3 — fan, 4 — engine mounting bracket, 5 — D-6 engine, 6 — fuel tank 7 — transport handle 8 — stop flap, 9 — base, 10 — wheel.
The stationary conditions of engine operation it require forced cooling, which ensures the fan is driven by belt from a small pulley on the crankshaft. The impeller is cut from dural disc with a thickness of 0.7 mm and Ø140 mm. Having 12 radial slots, and prying them loose edges are at 30° to the plane of rotation of the blade get. Textolite pulley, which is attached to the impeller of the same size as the host, but the center hole bored to Ø30 mm for installation of the bearing № 200. M10 bolt inserted into the bearing, the fan is mounted on plate bracket. It is also equipped with two axis intermediate the roller-stevkov serving to change the direction of belt transmission. At the front of the frame bracket is fixed with a screw clamp. Since the power to the drive fan requires a small transmission can handle strap Ø3-3.5 mm. It can cut thick leather belt, scrugli the corners with a file or sharp knife. So it not stretched from accidentally trapped moisture, and also for better grip with the pulleys its double-coated rubber adhesive. The ends connect a pair of wire brackets, are located in mutually perpendicular planes.
Benzoni the pump section is assembled from parts to the pump “Kama”. Ready to disassemble I did not have all the necessary was obtained through the database of Mail-order. This impeller, pump cover, pump housing, rubber oil seal, gasket under cover, shield with “R”, bearing No. 201, bearing cap, cuff seal, suction valve, blind nut and bolt for removal of air. The details of the original node reference textolite disk, roller, pulley, remote bushing and washers easy to make yourself. After collecting details in the drawing, is shown in figure 3, we get a separate pump section. The screws that connect her body parts are also used for mounting site on the plate bracket. His position on the basis of specified according to the size of the selected V-belt that transmits the rotation from the motor to the pump. Adjust belt tension to provide longitudinal grooves of the mounting bolts.
Completing the production benzoni baseplate mounting axis with a pair of wheels from baby strollers, the transport handles of the dural tube Ø22 mm and flip stops. Rotary actuator control throttle of the carburetor is mounted on the usual place — the Bicycle wheel, fixedly mounted in the sleeve frame.
Fig. 2. Block leading sheave Assembly
Fig. 2. Block leading sheave Assembly:
1 — hub, 2 — M4 screws (5 pieces), 3 — starting pulley, 4 — pin Ø4 mm, 5 — a pulley of the pump 6 — pulley fan, 7 — M4 screws (4 PCs), 8 — washer 9 — screw M8X1, 10 — key, 11 — shank of the crankshaft.
Fig. 3. The pump section
Fig. 3. Pump section:
1 — blind nut, 2 — pump cover, 3 — impeller, 4 — gasket, 5 pump housing, 6 — bearing cover, 7 — screw M8 8 — remote sleeve, 9 — shield “P” – 10 — the platter, 11 — lock washer 12 bearing No. 201, 13 — pulley 14 — dowel, 15 — drive, 16 — roller 17 — Bush.
Engine starts nylon cord length 70 75 cm with cross handle and knot at the other end. The speed changes and, consequently, the performance of the unit by turning the gas handle, and stop, the switch, and the contactor mass.
To bring the pump in the suction line is pre-filled with water. This is a simple plug device: vertical pipe with a length of about 1 m with a valve and a funnel at the top.
Pump capacity at medium engine speed (3000-4000 rpm) — 1000-1200 l/h, with flow up to 70 m up to 3 m and a suction height of 1-1,2 m. In this mode, the engine has a higher service life and has low noise level and fuel consumption: a total of 400 cm3/h. However, if you need more performance or pressure, the engine can be made to work in the mode of maximum power at 5500 rpm.
B. ARISTIDOU, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region.

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