TRAILER CLAMSHELLI was interested in the design described in the article “Trailer-bedroom” (“M-K” № 9, 1984). The idea is to place in the trailer the whole living room is very tempting. However, the more attractive I see it is not collapsible, and folding wagon. Capacious, Assembly-lifting this camper does not take much time, and the Parking lot can not be detached from the vehicle. Two beds on the spacious side drawers sofas, which are placed in the bedding, additional adjustable shelves-beds and small-sized gas stove with cylinders, bedside table — all this provides a comfortable stay while traveling.

The frame of the trailer A-frame, tubular. Equipped with under-sprung wheels and retractable auxiliary Shoe.
Panel van die-cast metal – (can be applied to glass reinforced polyester: strength is not inferior to the metal and much easier). Between panels connected by hinges on the side and end walls is that the same loops are attached to the body of the trailer. Serve end forming braces for the side walls of the PRN Assembly-lift truck. Equipped with rear position lamps and stop lamp, front — whaddon door that has hinges-bolts to connect the halves of her rod-clamp.
On the end walls also have hinge bolts for hanging shelves-beds, employees as additional stiffeners of the cabin.
The joints of all panels are covered with rubber (or canvas) tape, sealing the room from drafts. The upper edge of the side wall rolled into a tube, the ends of which are sealed nut M18, To them with four bolts attached to the roof.
Fig. 1. The dimensions of the trailer.
Fig. 1. The dimensions of the trailer.
Fig. 2. The frame of the trailer
Fig. 2. The frame of the trailer:
1 — anchor opener, 2 — led, 3 — front cross member, 4 — longitudinal pipe, 5 — axis, 6 — rear cross member.

Fig. 3. The connection of the roof with the side wall
Fig. 3. The connection of the roof side wall:
1 — roof, 2 — tube side-wall 3 — side wall, 4 — bolt M18, 5 — Armenia.

Fig. 4. Fastening the end walls of the van
Fig. 4. Fastening the end walls of the van:
1 — roof, 2 — tube side-wall 3 — side wall. 4 — bolt, 5 — the end wall, 6 — gable roof

Fig. 5. The installation of the loops for extra sleeping space
Fig. 5. The installation of the loops for an extra bed:
1 — the end wall, 2 — hinge-bolt, 3 — foot shelves-beds.

Inside the boxes-the sofas are mounted below the sides of the body, so as not to interfere with the laying of the walls. Cover them upholstered with foam and leatherette. The same principle — not to interfere with the laying of the walls laid down in the design tables: it is only slightly above the sofas.
The stowed position of the van: additional shelves-com removed and hidden in sofas, end wall with atwelcome the latches are alternately stacked inside the trailer, the side walls “podloman” and lowered on the end, the roof closes this kind of sandwich. The input step is screwed to the door, side Coulter cleared, and the trailer attached to the vehicle.
L. LEBEDEV, Gorlovka, Donetsk region.

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