TRICYCLE “In Moscow on VDNH USSR successfully held the exhibition NTTM-76. I saw a lot of interesting, but especially liked the tricycle for the elderly. It is created in Kharkov, there is, in my opinion, in a single copy. Therefore, I would like to know more about the technical features and innovations applied in its design”.

Family tricycle added another interesting machine — Combi, which has consistently enjoyed success with the visitors of the exhibition NTTM-76. It was created at the Kharkov Bicycle factory under the direction of designer Nicholas A. Makogonenko. So we are back to “Cycling” — and readers should not be surprised: improving Bicycle, on the one hand, ways and possibilities of their use on the other, the case of purely technical become a serious social problem. Experience has shown that internal combustion engines of the friends of the man are more and more becoming his enemies. Burning a huge amount of much-needed to sustain life on earth oxygen, they simultaneously pollute the air with exhaust gases, and waste lubricants.
That is why now so actively pursued the “invention of bicycles”. There is already a bench and multiwheel bikes, velachery and velomobiles. Even velociprey! With bike drive the propeller repeatedly failed to rise into the air on light aircraft (though purely experimental and imperfect).
Our magazine has repeatedly introduced the readers to new designs of bicycles and their separate units. But all these materials were mostly, single track, or as they are commonly called, two-wheeled machines. Meanwhile, in recent time designers began to take tricycles. There are a lot of unresolved issues. That is why the tricycle was not widespread and was intended mainly for young children, though after some modifications of the design, it could be a great means of transport, including in rural areas.
Fig. 1. General view of the bike
Fig. 1. General view of the bike “Combi”:
1 — headlight, 2 — the lever to adjust the handlebar height, 3 — the lever to adjust the tilt steering, 4 — hand brake lever, 5 — node connector of frame 6 is a lever stopper rear axle, 7 — lever tilt adjustment seat, 8 — rearview mirror 9 — the lever of saddle height adjustment, 10 — rear axle Assembly 11 seat to carry baby.
Fig. 2. Rear axle and its mounting to the frame
Fig. 2. Rear axle and its mounting to the frame:
1 — chainstays the rear of the plug, 2 — the upper feathers, 3 — clip rear axle, 4 — adjusting clutch, 5 — springs, 6 — adjusting bolt 7 — spring, 8 — cone mounting basket trunk, 9 conical socket, 10 — rear axle housing, 11 — bolt rear fork to the bracket, 12 — wheel 13 — rear axle, 14 — stopper, 15 — teeth sprocket the drive chain 16, the leading chain, 17 — cable stopper, 18 linkage stopper (located under the saddle).
A large, if not the eye, the disadvantage of tricycle with a front steering wheel was bad cornering stability. The machine can be easily tipped over and was unsafe to operate. Remember: resistance on the turning of two-wheeled vehicles provided by the interior roll. Kharkiv tricycle “Kombi” so interesting is that its design has the possibility of creating a roll on the twist and, consequently, increase stability, ensuring the safety of the drive at all operating speeds. But this is not enough: “Kombi” within a few minutes you can turn into a regular two-wheeled Bicycle for transport and storage folds in half, like already manufactured Zhukovsky factory and highly acclaimed Bicycle “Desna”. The design and dimensions of the front of the “Gums” and “Combi” are absolutely identical, as well as wheels (size 20″).
General view of the Bicycle “Kombi” is shown in figure 1. Its transformation from two-wheeled to three-wheeled need to do the following: remove the rear wheel, disconnecting the circuit; to put the rear wheel on the axle of the rear axle, install rear axle on the feathers of the rear plugs to complete the circuit and adjust the tension. On the rear axle with one cone bolt can be installed: rear basket with a size of 600X400 mm, a storage box 600X600X400 mm or upholstered seat seat to transport the baby, secured with seat belts. Of greatest interest is the mechanism that allows the bike to lurch when turning. It is arranged as follows: front section rear axle has a bracket rotating around longitudinal axis (here used Bicycle bushing); the rotation of the frame is limited by stops and a vertically-standing coil spring; the tension it is regulated by the bolt. The frame can be locked by a finger operated lever with which the finger is connected a flexible cable. When the frame is locked, driver can’t Bank the bike; rastafaris frame, he is able to create the required roll, the limit value it gently governed by a spring. The test bike showed that such a system works very reliably and “relearn” to drive it is not necessary. To prevent the attenuation length of chain on the go rear axle is equipped with a safety cheeks from the driven sprocket.
Bike “Kombi” is planned to be released commercially soon, you can see it in the stores. But we think that enthusiasts of technical creativity is able to create such games for any industrial bicycles. It is completely optional to follow the Kharkov design.

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