In Moscow in the yard of the house № 11 on the 2nd Schukinskaya travel can often see the most incredible car designs, which are operated by boys and girls. And the amazing thing is that all this micro-technology they themselves have built. And the center of gravity of the infantile population of the yard — children’s technology club ZHKO research Institute of inorganic materials. Interesting about the machines that are created here, we are told in No. 9 for 1974 and No. 6 in 1975.

New form of organization of children’s technical creativity clubs and when Hoo gets development in other cities. One of the messages about this came from Vitebsk. Here in the dispensation No. 8, a branch of the regional station of young technicians. Engage more than 100 children. Create different useful technique. For example, sixth graders Igor Burunov, Yuriy Shapovalov, Ivan simchenko, fourth graders Lutkin Igor and Slava Kozhemyakin built a tractor-burly “Zubrenok”, which can carry a ton of cargo. And sixth graders Valera Konovalenko, Val Ivanov and Oleg Neborak along with a fifth-grader Sasha Adamovich “taught” him the profession of a janitor, created a trailer unit for cleaning of the yard and sidewalks. Both works were exhibited ia the Republican exhibition in Minsk. Young designers, the authors of these machines were awarded with diplomas of I degree.
Scheme “Moydodyr”:
1 — reducer, 2 — bunker, 3 — contour of the body, 4 — window viewing of the body, 5, 8 — frame, 6 — door lever the hopper, 7 — wheel, 9 — conveyor, 10 — supporting the conveyor wheel, 11 steel brush, 12 — star, 13 — rod, 14 — valve, 15 — star, 16, 17 — chain transmission.

Despite the small size, tractor, Zubrenok engine power 6 HP from scooter “Vyatka” is able to carry cargo weighing up to tons of sand, bricks, stone, scrap metal. The car proved reliable, easy to maneuver, and manageable. She looks beautiful decorated.
Main parts are made of scrap materials II. Frame — steel corner 45×45 mm (thrown in the scrap metal beds). To trim wings and bonnet went cropping steel sheet of thickness 1 mm. From written off motorized С3А borrowed a reducer of the rear bridge. Have card — front wheel, motor scooter — back. To the tractor trailer made cleaning machine “Moidodyr.”
Frame it — from water pipes and corners of 45X45 mm from the beds.
Sweeper “Moidodyr” (body is removed).
Attached to the frame axis, on which mounted wheels of the scooter. In front there is the Booker of garbage, and in the bottom — gate valve for unloading. For the bunker installed conveyer belts and metal brush, which are driven by Bicycle chains connected to the wheel Assembly. From the left wheel conveyor works, and right through reducer rotates the brush.
When towing “Moydodyr” brush throws debris onto the conveyor, and it directs it into the hopper. All auxiliary nodes are closed dural casing. On it is mounted a viewing window to monitor the amount of debris in the hopper. Kar expected, rear mounted reflectors, turn indicators and brake lights.
V. NEBOZHUK, head of technical route of the Vitebsk obsut

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