Some fishing without a boat? Especially on large bodies of water. Want to make an original, near-silent boat? To business, then.
Look at the picture. Interesting boat, built on the basis of inner tubes and beach chairs, offers the readers of the American magazine “Popular mechanics”. Equipped with oars or a light motor, it is able to quietly move around the pond, allowing silent access to your favorite places. Sitting in a boat, you can just drift or drift along the river, choosing your favorite area.

The boat is assembled from old inner tube, container box, wooden bars and chairs. All the rest is improvised.

As you can see, the design of the boat is simple and obvious. The main frame can be assembled from tree: in this case, it will have a few proolifit and once to paint with waterproof paint.

The frame of the boat going from wooden bruskov section 15×100 mm They should be smooth, especially in places that rely on the camera. Side supports and cross member are installed and fastened to the threaded bolts with wing nuts. On the front parts of the longitudinal beams on the pins is attached to the bar section 15×100 mm. It serves as a support for the feet of the fisherman. Take the time to secure it to the beams. You will do this, when install the seat, because the location of the stand depends on the length of the legs of the fisherman.

Now the camera cover with a sheet of plywood on it and try the seat. If you use a beach chair, I suggest to mount it to the cover hinges, as shown in the figure.

Miniature outboard motor, as already mentioned, are sold in sports shops or in shops “Fisher-athlete”. If you wish, and the right hands it can be used with the rechargeable battery installed in plastic box.


The figure shows how the engine is mounted on the box. Of course, the mount can be different — it all depends on the engine design. As the battery using a suitable battery. It is desirable to isolate it from moisture. A few tips on assembling the boat. Pre-service training you have already done. Do not fix the seat until the boat is launched. You will probably have to move it back and forth to balance the boat.

A collapsible boat of the fisherman

Collapsible boat fisherman:

1 — bars of the frame-frame;

2 — mounting studs (2 PCs.);

3 — camera car wheel;

4 — valve for inflating;

5 — battery box;

6 — wing nuts;

7 — loop fasteners seat;

8 — a chair (any tube);

9 platform installation chairs.

10 — suspension mini motor;

11 —battery;

12 — post control an outboard motor;

13 — thruster

So, going to the reservoir, take along a rope for fastening of beams on the camera. Don’t forget to grab an air pump to inflate the boat after the engine and frame will be installed at the place. Inflate the camera so that it was possible to insert the box. Fasten the longitudinal bars to the camera with cords, but not tight, slack. Install the cover on the box and try on the seat. In shallow water near the shore experimentally determine the center of gravity of the boat, and the location of footrest. Outlining the attachment of chairs, stands, engine, can go back home and finally to collect the boat.

As additional equipment you will need is fixed on the side beam bracket for anchor and rope holder for fishing rods — a short plastic tube, attached to the seat.

The frame of the boat is fastened with cords to the camera. But if it is good to pump up the camera, she firmly grasps the box and makes the design monolithic. Though — better safe than sorry, and so the rope does not hurt.

Of course, not be superfluous and a life jacket — even if you are going to swim in the quiet waters and in the smallest places.

“Water bug” is not only convenient for fishing. Mount the wing nuts makes it easy to disassemble. In idle state, all small parts are cleaned in a battery box for the rest — stitched case.

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