A DAY ON THE WATER SHAKES THE NIGHT, THE HOUSE GUARDSI designed the machine addressed to the farmers and owners of summer houses with auxiliary water supply system, key units of which are a water source (river, lake, well or borehole), water tank electric pump Yes. From analogues this development is characterized in that in addition to performing its main function — control the electric pump makes it quite successfully solve tasks of protection of objects. This unusual flexibility is achieved not by complexity of an electrical circuit device, and by quick-change sensors, which are not only submersible multi-level electrodes and photoresists or thin, working on the rupture of the wire.

The actions of the machine in the system of local supply can be reduced to the actuation of electromagnetic relay K1. After all, it is getting power from the transformer T1 (through the diode bridge VD1 – VD4 and VS1 thyristor, which is controlled by the sensor SL1 water level), enables or disables the pump.
For example, the water in the tank is so small that when switching the switch SA2 to the “Pump” all the sensor electrodes SL1 are open. The control circuit of the thyristor, in fact, idle. Hence, the current through the VS1 and the relay coil K1 is not flowing, and the outlet ХЅ1 through the normally closed contacts K1.1 serves network 220 V, causing the system to replenish the water tank. This continues until, until the last level reach the sensor electrode SL1. That is the maximum for which the thyristor opens and the current flowing through the VS1 and the coil K1, causing relay operation. Rasikas, contacts K1.1 switch off the electric pump. Simultaneously, K1 are closed.2, introducing in the control circuit of the thyristor electrode pair And the sensor SL1 and providing automatic maintenance of the desired water level in the tank.
Indeed, with the fall of the water level below the minimum you’ll break the electrode pair A-C. This will cause immediate closing of the thyristor and de-energizing a relay which its normally closed contacts apply voltage to the pump. Engaged in the work, he will fill up the tank. And again the system will switch to standby mode once the water level decrease. A water level sensor in the tank are three l-shaped metal plates fixed on the float — a standalone basis.
Circuit diagram of(a) a self-made machine, which is a day on the water shakes, and at night serves as a security device, the placement of its main parts in the case (b), on the circuit Board(b), and an embodiment of a submersible sensor (g) water level
Circuit diagram of(a) a self-made machine, which is a day on the water shakes, and at night serves as a security device, the placement of its main parts in the case (b), on the circuit Board(b), and an embodiment of a submersible sensor (d) water levels.

When you switch toggle switch ЅА2 to “Guard” the sensor is stretched thin, hidden from the uninitiated a wire (loop) between terminals ХТ1 and ХТ2. Undamaged wire provides a voltage for opening the thyristor VS1 and the relay that holds open the contacts K1.1 in the power supply circuit of the load. The price is not a pump and a light or audible signal (e.g., light, siren or bell). That is, when the protected objects is all right, the voltage in the socket XS1 missing and an alarm signal is not received. With the same open loop current flow through the thyristor and the relay coil is stopped, and through the normally closed contacts K1.1 turns on alarm.
It should be noted that to build such a device do not need expensive and scarce radio. Switches SA1, SA2 type TV2-1 or TP1-2; rectifier diodes D226 or similar (can be limited to a ready-made bridge КЦ401…KTS405). As capacitor C1 is suitable electrolytic capacitance of about 50 UF at a working voltage of at least 50 V. the Resistor R1 — of some of the most common Polovtsy (e.g., MLT-0,5); and the thyristor VS1 – КУ201 (КУ202).
Relay selection for a corresponding transformer is more difficult. If you do not find yourself under the hands specified in the scheme МКУ48 for 12, 24 or 36 In, to fit ТКЕ52 (ТКЕ53). Measure the voltage of operation should be selected for the available relay step-down transformer, for Example, ТН36 or even “vychodnich” from an old tube receiver.

If not ready a suitable transformer, you can use any, designed to work at 220 V. Measure the voltage at the secondary winding, it is wound, considering all the removed coils. Then, having determined the conversion factor (number of turns per 1 In), wound a new coil II that meet the trigger voltage of the relay. Connect the modified relay transformer through the rectifier bridge and switching on the network, we see the definition of trigger contacts K1.1 and the absence of overheating of the windings.
The Assembly of the electronic part of the device is performed on a sheet of Micarta or fiberglass. Mounting — mounted, then put the finished product in a plastic box of suitable size.
Train, as mentioned, is a thin insulated or bare wire of the appropriate long have covertly so that attackers, nothing Veda said about the security system, hooked and tore it.
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