CAPACITORS REJECTS BASICI remember a few years ago in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” there is the material possibility of measuring electrical capacitance using a PC “Specialist”. Then published the program in machine code that allows with reasonable accuracy to determine the values of capacitors in the range of 0.1—1000 UF, and later version of it written in forth language, for which the wording, of course, a huge thank you!


Introducing the modern computer is the same as the program in interpreter BASIC, you can get more winning chances. It works slowly, but the electric capacity, measured via the serial port, clearer and more precise display (as lines) on the display screen. The more microfarads, the longer the line that makes the program especially convenient for sampling electrolytic capacitors with large values. That is, the shortcomings of basic, on the contrary, help in solving practical problems.



Pinout serial ports (inside view of your computer the connectors) and the pin
The Pinout of the serial ports (view from the inside of the computer connectors), and pin:
1 — signal; signal is issued (±012); — housing, land

Interchangeable contacts for DB-9 and DB-25
Interchangeable contacts for DB-9 and DB-25
The port pins are equivalent and interchangeable in accordance with the table. The only difference in the applications of SOM-1 and SOM-2 in accordance with the table to the addresses: for COM 1 is 3F8 base address for the com 2 — base address 2F8. These addresses can be seen when you start the PC in the configuration table.

With the program checked in store for the future of improvised designs bolsaescola “electrolytes”… Almost 90 percent of the available number of them had to be thrown out: capacitors, as they say, pretty dry and bad “held” charge, which is clearly in the graphical display and demonstrated computer.
1. A. Sharonov. Capacity — through port SOM-2. — Modelist-Konstruktor, 1998, № 9.
2. A. Sharonov. The specialist will measure the capacity. — Modelist-Konstruktor. 1997, №4.
A. GLUSHCHENKOV, Novosibirsk, Russia

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