Rationalization proposal Lyubertsy student of secondary school № 42 of Yuri Furmanov. How to ensure all novice turners cutters? Almost every school workshop this problem exists. The HSS tools quickly become dull and break in inexperienced hands boys, standard tool holders with brazed them on the plates from hard alloys are not suitable for school machines high. The same applies to the most affordable cutters with exchangeable sintered plate (durable, able to withstand the most critical conditions).


Yuri has developed a tool, suitable for small tool post. Besides, he managed to significantly simplify the design of the clamp. A square or hexagonal metal plate onto the pin, wrapped in the body of the holder, and presses the bolt and rectangular washer with a beveled clip on the edges. When the cutting edge becomes blunt, the plate is rotated 90° and the cutter is again ready to work.

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