FOR DISCO? FOR THE ENGINE!Strobe and underlying his actions the same-name effect find application not only in discos, no matter how popular, attractive ones. And technology is no exception. How to make strobe lighting (based on a familiar to every photographer flash lamp IFK-120) and use it to adjust the system sariguney car, described in the following material.

The moment of ignition of the combustible mixture, that is, the coming of that moment when between the electrodes a spark, largely determines the correct operation of the motor vehicle. Moreover. Scientific studies (and practical experience) show that accurate adjustment ignition system not only prolongs the life of the engine, but also greatly contributes to economical use of fuel. Be less toxic exhaust products, and this environmental factor is important.
Not surprisingly, for the proper installation and adjustment of the ignition system professionals are now equipped with everything necessary. And about the drivers we have, as usual, forgot. How can they, poor fellows, to handle such an important system in the home?
Offer for the successful accomplishment of the motorists that homemade strobe light is made on the basis of the widespread ignition module on the semiconductor devices and the pulsed gas-discharge lamp IFK-120 (from the flash). As can be seen from the illustrations, technical solution here, you might say, is elementary simple. But here is the result…
The strobe is connected to the onboard network. And located at the end of the input conductor clamp type “crocodile” clips for the insulation of high voltage wires leading to the spark of the first cylinder. Running the engine and heating it, set the number of turns is approximately equal to 1000-1500. Then send the flash lamp IFK-120 to factory default labels put on the crankshaft pulley and on the drive housing of the timing mechanism. The latter for better visibility it is advisable in advance foot&Sch of Fresh white paint.
And that’s triggered stroboscopic effect. Like at the disco, all of a sudden as if rooted.
If the mark on the crankshaft pulley stops against average (of the three) on the case, so— all right. The installation angle of ignition of the engine car that need. In the case when the mark on the pulley is displaced forward in the direction of rotation of the pulley, there is a fact of timing. If the back — lag. Required installation of ignition achieved by rotation of the valve, choosing the “extra” corner.
A circuit diagram of a self-made stroboscope
Circuit diagram homemade strobe:
VD1 Д817Б, VTI — КП103Ж, VT2 – МП26, VТЗ— П213, VS1—КУ202Н,… VD7 VD10-KD503, VD2… VDб—Д337Б, C4 — capacitive sensor (based on clamp type “crocodile”)

The location of the circuit elements B. the body of the instrument
The location of the circuit elements B. the body of the instrument.
Now—specifically on the construction of a homemade strobe. It is made (see Fig.) under the scheme, consisting of Converter transistor VT1 is related to this cascade details of the key transistor VS1, the storage capacitors S2 and Sz, of the amplifier pulses with the capacitive sensor S4 (clamp type “crocodile”, mounted on insulation of high voltage wires leading to the spark plug) and a pulsed discharge lamp IFK-120 with the transformer T2.
The operation of the circuit proceeds as follows. Connecting a strobe light to a car power supply of 12 V is supplied immediately to the amplifier and pulse generator, which converts the DC voltage into pulses 380-450 V.
III winding of the pulse transformer T1 to increase. It induced high voltage is supplied to the rectifier (VD5 and VD6, capacitors C2 and Sz) to power НL1и respectively staying from time to time in a kind of standby mode.
When applying the capacitive sensor S4 on the high-voltage wire, through which a pulsed voltage is fed to the spark for ignition of the combustible mixture, to the clamp type “crocodile” is induced by the Ewha woman. By doing the input of the pulse amplifier, “picky” negative (there are diodes VD8 — VD9!) polarity are multiplied by amplitude. And R7 are the pulses of positive polarity, which through the diode VD10 supplied to the control electrode of the Last transistor VS1 is activated, causing the discharge through it of a capacitor NW.
Through the primary of transformer T2 current to flow, inducing in the secondary winding a voltage pulse. Being connected to the control electrode of gas discharge lamp being (that is its design feature) on the outer wall of the cylinder, this pulse causes the “ignition” IFK-120. Known, perhaps, each photographer the optical radiation source gives a bright flash. Following each other with a frequency defined by the ignition system of the combustible mixture, and being aimed at a moving part, such outbreaks and cause a stroboscopic effect.Now a few words about the features of production design. As already emphasized earlier, the strobe assembled from common parts and is available to independent production of almost anyone, even a newbie, an Amateur. Moreover, it is possible to use the ignition module on the semiconductor devices, adding a diode VD1O, the Sz condenser with transformer T2, power amplifier, performed on VT2 and VT3, and a pulsed lamp HL1.
But best of the entire scheme to build my own. As a significant part of the installation is located outside the circuit Board, the latter to result in a material impractical. Especially as some will certainly take advantage of ready available at their fingertips, nodes.
All resistors are of MLT type. The capacitor C1 is electrolytic, designed for a working voltage of 15 V. the Rest (except, of course, the capacitive sensor) —type MGB 1,0Х40В the Transformer T1 is wound on the W – shaped core cross section of 200 mm2. Winding its done back to back, with a gap of 0.2 mm, the first winding has 45 turns of wire sew-2 diameter of 0.7 mm. Second third wound wire of the same brand. Moreover, the winding II — 65 turns (diameter 0.2 mm). But winding III already has 380 turns of wire diameter 0.15 mm.
Pulse transformer T2 is made on the annular ferrite К10Х6ХЗ brand 2000 NM. Here the primary winding contains a total of 5 turns of wire PELCO-0,41. At the secondary 200 turns, Pelco-1.
IFK-120 is located in the body from the “original” flash lamp (with a reflector, a lens and retaining elements). Connected to this pulsed gas-discharge source of optical radiation with the whole design of a 0.7-m segment of a three wire cable designed for working voltage up to 500 V.
Assembled strictly according to the scheme of a strobe, as a rule, a special adjustment is not required. Efficiency of the generator can be judged by the characteristic “peep,” which he published immediately after submission to it of the supply voltage. In the absence of a “squeak”, check the connection of the windings I and II of the transformer T1, and serviceability VT1. If the transistor will be still serviceable, you need to swap the ends of one of the aforementioned windings.
The output voltage of the generator should be in the range from 380 to 450 V. If not, pick a Zener diode Д817 with more appropriate parameters for operation in the scheme of a strobe light. If you suddenly find that the output voltage of the generator, in spite of everything, too low and does not rise more than 150, you should swap the ends of the winding III.
Then with a running generator and the voltage on the capacitors C2 and Sz touch your finger to the clip at the input of the amplifier. IFK-120 needs bright spark. If this happens, check the operation of the amplifier and the transformer T2. The latter expedient is sometimes simply switch the ends of one of the windings, then the whole scheme starts to work properly.
L. TOWERS, Odessa region.

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