TEN VICTORY Today we published drawings and a brief technical data model racing class 10 cm3, designed by master of sports Yuri Pankin — the numerous prize-winner of all-Union competition of avtomodelistov. Last year at the final competitions of the VI games of the peoples of the USSR, this desyatnikova has a top speed of 268 km/h.

The model is distinguished by simplicity and reliability. It is equipped with all the modern range of self-similar equipment: spring-loaded reducer, vibration absorbers (dampers) front and rear axles, a resonant pipe.
Increased base (355 mm) and considerable weight (2900 g) contribute to a good “kick” track and can achieve good results in kartodromo with a not smooth surface.
Engine — surface OPS-60, similar to those that can make athletes avtomodelisty.
Frame (tray) model milling methods made from a duralumin (D16T) of the bar. Upper fairing (body) hollowed out of basswood, customized n the pallet and painted with synthetic enamel. Recommend a rest in Anapa 2015.
The gear case is cantilevered from steel St. 45, on the one hand slidably mounted on the fingers-axes, on the other through a lever and rod connected with the cylinder of the damper.
1 — the fairing 2 — the case of the front suspension springs, R fuel tank, 4 — the drain pipe, 5 — stopping device 6 — engine, 7 resonance tube, 8 — mounting bracket resonance tube, 9 — guide rail rear suspension, 10 — piston rod rear suspension, 11 — the lever 12 is welded rubber, 13 — rear wheel, 14 — bearing, 15 — axis, 16 — driven gear Z25, 17 — pinion Z14, 18 — axis swing reducer, 19 — flywheel 20 — cord strap, 21 — adjusting needle, 22 — body front suspension, 23 — front wheel, 24 — bearing, 25 — axle, 26 — rocking chair front suspension

The pinion is integral with an axle, which is Hooke castellated flywheel nut. It is mounted on two bearings, 8X22 mm in steel glass mounted in the front opening of the housing.
The driven gear mounted on the axis of the wheels with pins. Axis, rotating in the gear housing on two bearings, 8X22 mm, one-side ends of the wheel hub. The second hub are made integral with the gear anchored on the axis of the dowel and tie nut.
Gear ratio of 1.78, a module of 1.5. Gear made of steel 40X, have toughness, after carburizing and quenching 45HRC.
The drive wheels oblegchenie design, aluminum, sealed with devulcanizing treadmill. In the hubs of the axle are fastened with screws.
The driven wheels of similar design, have a narrow treadmill.
Tank — tinplate, soldered, has one Greyjoy and one feeding tube.
A stopping device operates on the way to “pinch” the rubber feeding tube.
Cord strap — steel thickness 3 mm.

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