CHILDREN'S BOARD...This option is a child’s room suitable for an urban apartment, and the manor house, as it is simple in design, available materials and mobile functions.

We offer a single integrated solution children’s area, which is convenient, and most importantly — compactly aligned for a place to study, play games, sleep, and even clothes and baby toys, it is not difficult to do with their hands. The basic material for this children’s wall are common boards — the so-called “twenty” and “forty”, widely used in individual housing.
Device children’s corner
Its design, if you look closely, almost shelf type. The basis are three wooden frames, similar to the wide stairway. They consist of uprights, between which with the help shipovyh connections integrated support crossmember, retreating from each other at distances, the magnitude of which depends on the intended functions of this area.
Two of these frames are attached to opposite walls of the room, and the third is set about halfway and held adjacent crossbars. All other elements of the design actually “hung” on these three frames as a kind of shelves.
The middle frame divides the area into two functional areas: one that is roomier, is designed for practicing and Board games; the other mainly for rest and sleep. The upper part of both zones is a mezzanine used in the auxiliary purposes (e.g., for storing rarely used clothes and toys) Mezzanine storage compartments can be covered with decorative curtains.
As equipped with functional zones?
The part of the children’s area, which is designed for training and games, is made up of wide planks laid on cross member frames individually or in a dense neighborhood with others. It is so formed the bench-seat, counter, shelves, mezzanine section.
In the same way, in principle, a relaxation area, with the only difference that the bed may be formed not only from a number of boards, but using, for example, sheet DSP — in this case, to increase the toughness of the flooring under him in front of the inserted support bar. Similarly arranged and mezzanine rest areas, as it is, if necessary, will be able to perform the role of the second berth. To increase the stiffness in this case under the mezzanine except the reference block is supplied and is fastened to the auxiliary vertical stand. To it are attached the bottom Board of the fence and another Board, performing the role of a Board for the mattress.
Under the bed stays open space is storage: there are large toys (e.g., car, tractor, scooter) or boxes for gaming trivia
It starts with the reference frames. Even if the room is small, it is still better to collect three frames; it is due to the presence of middle frame will be able to divide the children’s area into two functional areas.
The supporting cross frames are connected to the uprights end sawed thorn in the selected rack groove.
For those performers who have no experience of such work, we can recommend a more simple version — a thorn in Paldiski: counter slots in the uprights and the ends of the crossbars. In both cases, the Assembly is with glue; the spikes are lubricated carpentry or casein glue (or PVA).
Collected two outer frames are attached to the walls of the furniture with screws with wooden plugs, or plastic plugs pre-installed in drilled in the walls of the hole. Then they connect the top front adjacent cross member and rear plate to the wall. Established between them and fastened to them the third, medium frame. At the same time from the recreation area predusmatrivaet support bars couches and mezzanine parts.
Children's corner
Children’s corner:
1 — support frame; 2 — shop; 3 — top; 4 — shelf; 5,6 — span cross member; 7 — curtain mezzanine; 8 — deck mezzanine and couches; 9 — support bars decking; 10 auxiliary supporting rack mezzanine; 11 — fencing of beds; 12 — enclosure of the mattress; 13 — boxes

It now remains to put in the play area boards for benches, tabletops, shelves and mezzanine (optionally fixing them), and in recreation — lay a bed and a mezzanine (of boards or sheets of particle Board), attach the auxiliary stand and fencing.
As the toy boxes can be used in suitable cardboard boxes, however, keep in mind that they are short-lived. Therefore, it is better to use available now available special plastic containers or collect small boxes made of plywood (made, for example, the type of dispatch, using angled wooden sticks).
To hard boxes do not suffer the floor and it would be easier to push them to push directly to the side walls it is advisable to attach a small wheel (ready-made or sawed from a round wooden rod) so that they slightly just below the bottom of the box.
The boards used for the nursery walls before Assembly carefully handle a plane and sandpaper and then painted with bright enamels (frame and shelves). If the boards have a beautiful texture, then it is better to cover them with several layers of a furniture varnish (with careful intermediate drying). When using chipboard painting required not only aesthetic, but environmental considerations (unpainted material emits harmful gases).
Boxes can be painted with enamels of different colors: the child will be easier to remember where everything is. The colors of the children’s area will complement the variegated fancy curtains on the mezzanine section.

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