The water treated by an electric current, acquires new properties: some of it manifests itself as a weak alkali solution and the other acid. When activated in this way the water felt on animals and plants, it was found that the liquid with alkaline properties were the stimulator, and one that bears signs of acid inhibits the growth of microorganisms and cells of living tissue.

Device for water activation is valid.
The water tank contains two electrodes, between them, a partition made of canvas or plastic. When the plate serves a high constant voltage, in the electrolysis vessel occurs. After off-gassing a liquid at the cathode has an excess of Oh-groups — has alkaline properties. At the anode produced an excess of ions N — in this zone, the water becomes acidic properties. The mixing of the tank contents prevents the diaphragm wall, letting in only a weak current, generated by ion drift.
The corps of our unit size 520 X 310 X 260 mm made from a sheet of plexiglass.
Vinyl the tank has two taps to drain the acid and alkaline water. Electrodes size 220X180 mm made of alloy 44NKHTJU.
Schematic diagram of the setup for electrolysis of water.
Schematic diagram of the setup for electrolysis of water.
The appearance of the device for water activation.
External view of the device for water activation.
A source of high voltage is a step-up transformer with windings 250, 500 and 750, are designed for currents up to 0.6 A.
The rectifier is assembled by the bridge circuit (see Fig.) eight power diodes, Д246А (V1—V8). Parallel connected resistors R1—R8 for alignment of throws reverse voltage. Diode V9 reduces ripple current in the circuit of the electrodes. The control mode of electrolysis is carried out using an ammeter PA1 М2001 at 3 and voltmeter РV1 М2001 to 600 V. Switch S1 sets the voltage on the electrodes, and the lamp is 6.3 V on H1 is an indicator of switching on the device.

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