WORKSHOP IN A CITY APARTMENTLoggia, balcony — a kind of additional area of the apartment. However, it is not particularly large, but how efficiently we use these “extra” square meters? After all, a reasonable approach here is simple to organize the area in the summer (even put up a cot for sleeping), mount the Cabinet to the tool, household items, sports equipment. Finally, to equip a place for carpentry and plumbing work. How to do it?

Look at the illustrations. Here is an example solution to the interior of the loggia with built-in Cabinet, a partition, the latter simultaneously performs the role of the pantry, and a small carpenter’s workshop. With modest dimensions — Sirima 420 mm, length 1380 and the altitude of 2500— 2700 mm — it is quite versatile. In one of his compartment can be stored and sports utility supplies, and the second is a folding workbench.
The basis of Cabinet design — three vertical bearing a shield attached to them the doors, the bars and overhead shelves.
Desk consists of a bench with two vices cover — front and rear, and holes for clamping and combs.
On the lid there is a recess (bench depression) for storage in the drink of the tools during operation. The other element is podverstache — should be part of the design and two vertical walls of the Cabinet. To the bottom of the bench is screwed a metal U-shaped bracket, which when lowering it finds on the rack, reinforcing the connection of these two elements together. To fix the bench in the raised position applies a metal rod Attached to one of the vertical walls of the enclosure.
As the door of the compartment of the Cabinet where the Desk used patch shield, made of plywood and easily removable with four handles, locks, located at the corners. They are connected by locking brackets that go deep into grooves made in the vertical walls of the enclosure.
The bench and its location
The bench and its location:
A — wardrobe B — in the plan.

Equipment to tools and parts.
Equipment for tools and parts.
The protective shield of plywood will help prevent trench glass from accidental bumps during operation. He is temporarily assigned on a windowsill or nailed to the side of the bench.
To accommodate tools, nails, materials in the Cabinet are plywood hanging pockets, reinforced with wire hooks, brackets. The latter are the PA 50 mm from the shield, which are drilled through holes. The bracket has a curved end And with it clings to the plywood wall. Its lower leg inserted in the rubber cap that does not allow him to glide over the surface.
Split and hinge joints of a workbench and Cabinet.
Split and hinge joints of a workbench and Cabinet.
Detachable and hinge joints of a workbench and Cabinet.
Door-shield and one of the variants of its mounting.
The door-shield, and one of the variants of its mounting.
There are more simple joinery fixtures, for example, bench Board, which is lurching to an ordinary table, metal clips and easily removed and cleaned. It can be used on the balcony or in the loggia of smaller size.
V. STRASHNOV, architect

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