STIMULATION OF THE PLANTS BY CURRENTBought seedlings of two tree-eight-year. Roots are naked without earth. If it sticks? Put all the rules of farming. One soon began to show signs of life and the other is not. I waited two weeks. No movement of the kidneys. I decided to help her stimulation. Brought to the garden plot regulated power supply, multimeter. Plunged to the root of the tree a metal pin with a length of 400 mm (minus). The top of the tree connected to the power supply using the crocodile (“plus”). Turned on the power supply and gradually began to raise the current, but it is more 3 ua did not increase it was Thought that the venture won’t work.

But to lose-nothing — decided to make an experiment: put a current between 2 and 3 mA and had a session of intensive care of the trees for four hours. The very next day the buds began to grow. Moreover, the bottom has gone the extra branch, which was not observed at the first tree. In July, the troubled Apple tree looked quite healthy, with large leaves, not worse, than “sisters”.
To simplify the hardware part of the intensive care unit serves as a power source to use a normal battery is 1.5 V. since the tree has a high input impedance (approximately 200 — 300 ohms), the required current is 2 — 3 µa quite simple to obtain by using a resistor divider (R1, R2). In the whole circuit consumes no more than 50 µa, so a single battery will last a long time. I believe that the second resuscitation session is not required. The main thing is to revive the plant your membrane process (ro).
A. PARTIN, Ekaterinburg

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