THERMOSTAT OF THE IRONWith great interest I read in “M-To” article L. Christmas “Cellar, on the balcony.” Without a doubt, the invented by good and necessary in a city apartment unit. Writing about the atom with knowledge of the matter, as he for two consecutive years, keeping vegetables on the balcony in a similar thermostat. The results are excellent: all placed in a container in the autumn, stored until spring.

The container I made in a box the size of 800х800х1500 mm three-millimeter plywood and wooden racks — bars section 30×30 mm. Outside the box is insulated with sheets of foam thickness of 30mm (bottom left without insulation).
Inside base height 100mm (made of boards attached to the side walls) lay Board section 147×10 mm. Hole ø 15 mm I boards as desyatikilometrovy the gaps between them for air circulation.
The heater used two series-connected isolated spirals from iron. Put them on the bottom of the frame made out of channels and resting on the corners, screwed to the insulating textolite plate.
To improve air circulation attached to the rear wall of the tin duct starting at 30 mm from the bottom and ending 10 mm from the lid. It mounted the thermostat sensor.
The container lid also knocked out of plywood and wooden beams. Not only is insulated with foam, foam thickness of 30 mm. Hinged part connected to the stationary part of the cover fortochnymi loops.
The whole outside container, covered with plastic wrap to protect from rain and snow.
Fig. 1. The dimensions of the box.
Fig. 1. The dimensions of the box.
Fig. 2. The design of the container (the front wall of the box insulation is not shown)
Fig. 2. The design of the container (the front wall of the box insulation is not shown):
1 — bottom, 2 — spiral heater 3 — heater, 4 — area, 5 — textolite Board, 6 — side walls of the box 7 — wooden stand, 8 — sheets of foam, 9 — thermometer, 10 — rear wall, 11 polystyrene, 12 — ductwork, 13 — wall cap, 14 loop, 15 — pen 16 — the flip side of the lid, 17 — hole ø 15 mm, 18 — flooring Board, 19 — foot beam.
Initially feared that the potatoes will freeze near the walls of the box, and on the boards of the decking, on the contrary, to grow from the excessive heat. However, nothing like this happens, the temperature in the whole volume of the container is kept fairly stable.
The thermostat is assembled on the basis of a simple electronic circuit that does not contain scarce parts. However, the accuracy of temperature it is so high that the container can be used in summer as an incubator.
The power supply of the thermostat at me — with transformer 220×12 (TCEs or TCEs 70-110).
To increase the power of the heater at the big loading of the container or at a very low temperature on the street, I entered the circuit switch S1. To use it is not necessary. To control the operation of the thermostat may neon bulbs: H1 indicates heater is on and D2 — disabled and healthy. A glow or “silence” simultaneously both light bulbs says some of the fault.
R and p. 3. Schematic diagram of the thermostat.
R and S. 3. Schematic diagram of the temperature controller.
The required temperature is set by the variable resistor RZ.
Externally, my container is, of course, loses “cellar” A. Christmas, but it is easier to make at home.
Yuri PROKOFIEV, Kuibyshev

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