TRUST CALCULATION COMPUTERWith the calculation of the resonant circuits (filters) have to face almost every radio Amateur. It is proposed to sub-contract the performance of this work a personal computer, using the program, interface is understandable and accessible to almost anyone. It all comes down, essentially, to the answers to the questions that are displayed on the monitor screen.

The program is written in QBASIC. When it is used to create an interpreter v1.0. If there’s a newer version, such as v4.5, it is possible to compile and receive a file of type EXE, which is characterized by greater speed and efficiency. But if this is not possible, to start the program, do the following.
1. Save the program text in a file named KONTUR.BAS.
2. To create WATSN file to run the program — KONTUR.BAT that contains the line QBASIC /RUN KONTUR.BAS.
3. To put in the same directory KONTUR.BAS, KONTUR.BAT QBASIC.EXE.
Then you can just run the appropriate WATSN file and start calculations. Better yet make the program to run in WINDOWS, which you need to associate the extension .BAS QBASIC program with the command line QBASIC/RUN filename .BAS.
Program for calculating the oscillatory circuit (filter) on a personal computer language QBASIC:
Program for calculating the oscillatory circuit (filter) on a personal computer language QBASIC
Now run the file with the extension .BAS will load the interpreter and the program from starting automatically. From the very beginning, the computer will inform the user about the three modes and prompts you to select from. Then followed the branching of the program in accordance with the selected mode.
Programme questions formulated, specifying units of measure.
A. ROOTLESS, blagodarnyy, Stavropol Krai

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