Improvised medical vibroacoustic device “Vitafon” is intended for the treatment of bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, arthritis, ulcers, open wounds, fractures, bruises, hemorrhoids. Acting contact method (with continuously changing the sound frequency) at a particular organ, the apparatus excites mikrovibratsiyu affected (and adjacent to the nidus) of the tissues, activates the healing processes and recovery. A fundamental principle is the same therapeutic effect, as shown by the results of the research is a local increase in capillary blood flow and lymph flow due to reduction of hydrodynamic resistance of blood vessels within the area of vibro-acoustic influence of waves of a certain range.

For each diameter of vessel has its own optimum frequency at which the hydrodynamic resistance to the movement of blood least. Knowing this, try to use in medical purposes is quite wide acoustic range of the changing frequency, so that even at low amplitude of micro-vibration of the tissues dramatically increased the number of actively functioning of the capillaries and increased blood and lymphatic circulation. As practice shows, the “Vitafon” is here out of competition.
Mode modulation an abrupt change of tension of blood vessels and tissues, which increases blood flow due to the antispasmodic effect of acoustic waves emanating from the contact of the emitters of vibrafono. Moreover, the therapeutic effect depends largely on the capacity and duration of exposure to the area of pathology. When choosing the installation location of vibrophones it is impossible not to take into account that the estimated radius of the healing radiation of each of them does not exceed a few centimeters. In addition vibrafono in the “Vitafon” includes a master oscillator (DD1.1, DD1.2, R1, C1) and differ only in frequency to other values of the used electronic components, the sound generator (C2, R9, DD1.3, DD1.4), the basic frequency divider (micro-scheme DD2), the mixer resistor (R2—R7) and the controller modulation depth (R8).
Master oscillator produces a 10-Hertz pulses, which are input to the frequency divider. Remove from its output, “raznocvetnye” followed by the mixer (R2—R7 to form a complex spectrum of the signal.
Electrical schematic and a printed circuit Board, medical vibroacoustic device
A circuit diagram and a printed circuit Board, medical vibroacoustic device “Vitafon”
As a Manager, the resulting signal modulates the frequency of the sound generator assembled on the elements DD1.3, DD1.4, R9, C2.
As a result, vibraphone comes exactly what you need. Resistor R8 serves to vary the depth of modulation.
On the circuit diagram shows two of the vibraphone, which used pietistically SN-22. However, if necessary, their number can be increased. Moreover, go for other similar type emitters, because the “Vitafon” is not critical to the choice of its constituent elements. The nominal values of resistors and capacitors may also be different from those set in authoring. Instead of chips К176ЛА7 acceptable K561LA7.
Assembled on a printed circuit Board of the operable elements of the device begins to work immediately with power from a DC source voltage of 5— 15 V. “Vitafon” can be placed in a plastic housing with pietistically connected to the motherboard by flexible microcables. For hygienic reasons it is useful to put on vibraphone gauze covers.
Tests showed that the device has no harmful effects on the human body. Moreover, the “Vitafon” recommended Minzdravmedproma of the Russian Federation for wide usage.
M. CHURUKSAEVA, Kachkanar, the Sverdlovsk region.

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