MACHINE DRILLEveryone who had to drill holes using a hand drill or a hand brace, knows how difficult it is to keep the drill bit in the desired position (usually perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece). In many cases, to avoid such difficulties helps homemade machine hand drill.
Its design can be like this. Thick wide stand mounted vertical stand with two guide rails. In the grooves of the rails easy to move the strap connected to the Shoe (“slide”), to which by means of a metal strip is attached to the body of the drill.

With the lower part of the vertical posts are connected by a point-blank range. It consists of a steel spring that lifts and holds the drill at a certain height. In case the machine has to handle parts of different sizes, the height of the fence should be adjustable. The size of the individual parts of the machine depend on the type (and size) used drills.

Material: furniture panel thickness 15 — 20 mm, 10 mm plywood, the bar section 90×55 mm, veneer, steel strip sizes 250x40x2 mm, with countersunk screws 35×4 and 25×3 mm, spring, M10 bolt with wing head, thrust washer nut M10.

Tool: line, square, handsaw, drill with a diameter of 3.5; 9,8; 11 and 25 mm, brace, drill, screwdriver.

Drill press from a drill

Drilling machine from drill:

1—stand; 2—snake (the sole “slide”); a 3—”slide”; 4—rails (metal or wooden profile with an l-shaped sidewalls); 5—screws for fastening clamp (4 PCs); 6—focus of the spring”slide”; 7 — frame-base; 8—gon-the strengthening strut (2); 9—spring; 10—the screws of fastening of a square; 11—wing bolt lock “slide”; 12—drill; 13—clamp drill


The progress of the work.

1. Cut the base frame-the base 7 of the furniture Board and wooden stand 1 according to the drawings (see Fig.); connect them on the sides of the plywood squares, making the necessary holes.

2. Set on a rack suitable profile 4 as rails for “slide” (or to collect from the Board and two connected with her metal corners).


3. To make bar pad-“the slider” 3 under the drill size 130x90x55 mm with wooden sole size 190x100x10 2 mm. from the Bottom to provide a blind hole under the spring.

4. To make a wooden block support under the “slider” (with shoulders at the sides under the rails of the profile), with a blind hole from the top under the slide spring Before installing it stops at the bottom of the bar drill a hole for the clamping wing bolt, terminating in a nest under the nut of the bolt.


5. Bend of the steel strip, the clip (clamp) of the desired shape under a drill to make holes in it for screws And fasten the drill to “slide” with a clamp and screws.

6. Complete final Assembly of the machine and to verify the interaction of the parts of the machine.


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