THE TU-154

TU-154Scale model 1:100.

Tu-154 (NATO reporting: Careless — “Carefree,” in the slang of Russian pilots – “Tupolev” or “Aurora” (from Avrora Cruiser), for three pipes – nozzles) — trimotored passenger aircraft for medium-haul airlines, developed in the 1960s in the USSR in the Tupolev design Bureau to replace the Tu-104.

The first flight was made on 3 October 1968. Mass-produced since 1968 to 1998, just released 935 aircraft. The rate of release sometimes reached five cars in a month. From 1998 to 2011 was carried out small-scale production of the Tu-154 Samara plant “Aviakor”. The final cessation of production is planned in 2020 (in production are two cars).

The most mass Soviet passenger jet, which until the early 21st century remained one of the major planes on routes of average range in Russia. The shortest nonstop route, which uses Tu-154, Baku — Aktau (388 km), and the longest — Moscow — Neryungri (5200 km).


The Tu-154 is designed for the carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo for airlines short and medium range. The aircraft is designed to transport up to 18.0 tons, payload. The greatest number of seats — 152.
The crew consists of two pilots, a flight engineer and four-six flight attendants. Accommodate, if necessary, additional members of the crew — the Navigator and the pilot.
The aircraft is a cantilever all-metal monoplane with low-swept wing and a swept T-tail, equipped with three turbofan engines NK-8-2 (NK-8-2U) and tricycle landing gear with the front foot.

The engines are mounted in the rear fuselage: two on the sides, and the third inside the fuselage. The side engines are equipped with a reversing device thrust.
Air intake of a mid-engine placed at the top of the fuselage.
Landing gear retracted back in the thread: the main foot in nacelles on the wing, the front leg — in niche in the front part of the fuselage.
The fuselage has a hermetic cabin, which is maintained normal temperature and pressure to altitude 12000m.


The aircraft is equipped with modern navigation, radio communications and radar equipment and equipment for automatic landing.


Aircraft in the production process has undergone several structural changes, which began to produce a modified Tu-154A.

The main difference Tu-154A aircraft first releases (Tu-154) are:
— the presence of an additional integral tank in the ventral part of the center section;
— combined control system for the flaps, slats and stabilizers;
— installation of two-speed wipers on the windshields of the cockpit;
— the installation of a second sets of radio compass, radio altimeter, DME;
— modified automatic onboard control system approach;
— a system for supply special liquid to the filter of the fuel system for dissolution of ice crystals. The Tu-154A mounted engines NK-8-2U with increased takeoff thrust.


The materials to build a model of the TU-154 (download)

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