THE CORNER TABLEA small table offered by the British magazine “Housholder”, attracted by the compactness and simplicity of design. It can be recommended for the equipment, for example, the area of the student.
For its production need furniture or chipboard (particleboard) beams with cross-section 50X50 mm and decorative strips section 10X50 mm.
The timber attached to the wall at a height of 700 mm and serves as a support for the table top. On the external side top supported by a pedestal formed by two walls connected by two shelves for books. Each of the latter has a mortgage Board — the low back. Locking shelves on the screws directly through the panels of the walls of the cabinets or racks on the walls. The table top is placed on a round plug-in thorns on glue (carpentry, casein, PVA). It is sheathed with decorative rail.
Finish table — enamel paints or film. The front panel of the Cabinet can be decorated with artificial skin. In this case, the side edges of the panel sheathing with decorative rail. For laminating worktops and the front panel of the Cabinet, use glue “Bustilat.”
Corner table.
Corner table:
1 — wooden beam (50X50X600 mm), 2 — tabletop (20X600X1200 mm), 3 — decorative rail (10X50X600 mm) 4 — shelf (20X250X560 mm), 5 — mortgage Board shelves (20X50X560 mm), 6 — decorative strips (10X50X700 mm) 7 — wall cabinets (20X300X700 mm), 8 — a decorative rail (10X50X1210 mm).
A diagram of the shelf Assembly B — mounting shelf.

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