COMPARTMENT IN YOUR HOUSEThe readers of “M-K” know the name belonging to the popular Bulgarian monthly. “Do it yourself” — so it sounds in translation, and this is precisely reflects its content. Indeed, all described in the “Guide yourself” you can do it yourself. And it and devices that facilitate work on farms, and simple furniture, and household electronics. It is possible to read about the construction and repair work around the house, and of the Amateur automotoservice, and on the manufacture of children’s toys… don’t forget the journal and the most beautiful half readers in the pages of “Put yourself” there are many publications on how to draw a pattern and sew a dress or jeans, how to cook an exotic dish where to find and how to identify medicinal herbs and plants.
Much of the above is the output and on the pages of the magazine “modelist-Konstruktor”, and the editorial Board selects from the “Lead yourself” most relevant publications. It should also be noted that the Bulgarian colleagues use our magazine as a source of original material for his monthly magazine.
A few words about the publication “Guide yourself.” It is produced in Sofia with a circulation of 140 thousand copies. Chief editor of the monthly George Balanskom. Address of the editorial office — Sofia 1000, bul. “Tolbukhin”, 51.
In our today’s post we continue the acquaintance with this popular Bulgarian monthly journal.
To any country additional beds would be superfluous — after all, guests come back more often overnight. However, not always in a small house can accommodate one or multiple beds or even a trundle bed. In this case, can help out a versatile sofa that is described in one of the rooms of the Bulgarian magazine “Guide yourself.”
A distinctive feature of this at first glance a conventional sofa is that it easily turns into two single beds, located on two levels — about the same as in a compartment of a sleeper shelves. The lower part of the sofa is a fairly roomy trunk, which can hold linen for the upper and lower beds.
Fig. 1. Sofa-coupe.
Fig. 1. Sofa-coupe:
1 — the covering of backrest frame (plywood or hardboard 5 mm thick), 2 — cross member of the backrest frame (wooden bruski section 60X60 mm), 3, 6, the longitudinal frame members of the backrest (wooden bruski section 60X60 mm), 4 — loop sample backless-lounger, 5 — cross member of the frame of the backrest of the sofa (wooden block section 60X60 mm), 7 — bushing-a glass of lager, 8 — loop caps-bed drawers, 9 racks of the base frame of the sofa (wooden bruski section 60X60 mm) 10, 16 — lateral elements of the lower frame of the base of the sofa (wooden bruski section 60X60 mm), 11 — cabin side surfaces of the base (hardboard or plywood 5 mm thick), 12 — lower crossmember of the base frame (wooden bruski section 60X60 mm), 13 — upper crossmember of the base frame (wooden bruski section 60X60 mm), 14 — covering the front of the base (plywood or hardboard 5 mm thick), 15 — the bottom of the bed drawers (plywood or hardboard 5 mm thick), 17, the longitudinal element of the lower frame base (wooden block section of 60X60 mm), 18 — bushing-a glass of sofa, 19 — the longitudinal member at the top of the base frame of the sofa (a wooden block of cross-section 60X 60 mm), 20 — cross member upper frame of the sofa (wooden block section 60X60 mm), 21 — cap-bed drawers (plywood with a thickness of 10 to 12 mm), 22 — upholstery-mattress-lounger (furniture upholstery fabric), 23 — a mattress lounger (foam thickness 150 mm).
Fig. 2. The functionality of the sofa of the compartment.
Fig. 2. The functionality of the sofa coupé:
And as an underwear drawer; — as a regular sofa; In — as bunk beds.
The numbers in the figures marked with:
1 — sofa base, 2 — cover underwear drawer, 3 — cushions, 4 — back chairs, 5 — hour.

For the frame, convertible sofa will need wooden bruski section 60X60 mm. First of them contact the same three frames with the dimensions 720X1860 mm. Each of them consists of two long (length 1860 mm) and four short (length 720 mm) bars. A mix — in spike, with fixation of casein or epoxy glue.
For the base of the sofa, which, as mentioned, is a box for linen, you will need two of these frames. Among themselves they are connected by four struts — bars section of 60X60 mm and a length of 200 mm Thus, the total height of the frame will be 320 mm. the Side walls are covered with hardboard or plywood, and Podstrana part is closed by three covers, cut from plywood in the thickness 10 to 12 mm. the fixing of the covers to the frame with small hinges. If necessary, the inside of the bed drawers it is possible to make partition — this will require a hardboard or plywood.
Front and side surface of the base of upholstered furniture fabric. It is not necessary that this material corresponds to what is cording to pillow it is possible to use a darker fabric, with no clearly defined pattern or drawing. Looks good also the base, painted Matt black or brown enamel This paint can cover the inner surface of box sheets and the plywood cap, and the “inside” of the back of the sofa.
The third frame designed for the back of the sofa, which at the same time is the base of the upper bed. It is only necessary to cover it on both sides with plywood with a thickness of 5 mm, using small nails and casein glue. Fixed back to the wall, hinged on four or five loops. In the raised position it is supported by two tubular struts that represent the segments of water pipes (so-called half-inch) with a length of about 1 m (or more precisely the length of the uprights is determined by the place). In the frames of the base (and back) stand recorded in anechoic with one hand bushings-cups (segments of pipes Ø 32X4 mm), welded to steel plates of thickness 3 mm. To the bars of the frame bushings-glasses craplets screws Ø 4X40 mm .To install the bushings-glasses on the frames, the rods of the last cut hole Ø 34 mm to a depth of 60 mm.
Fig. 3. Bushing-a glass for the backrest of the lounger.
Fig. 3. Bushing-a glass for the backrest of the lounger.
Fig. 4. Bushing-a glass of the base of the couch.
Fig. 4. Bushing-a glass of the base of the sofa.
The seat of the sofa is a three soft pillows with dimensions 150X620X720 mm. Each of them consists of a foam block (it can be glued from foam mattresses or mats) that is inserted in the pillowcase, is sewn from furniture upholstery fabric. Upper bed (aka the couch) also with a foam mattress (its dimensions — 150X720X1860 mm), covered the furniture with a cloth.
According to the materials of the Bulgarian magazine “Guide yourself”

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