In the spring, when the active gardeners, with ground end holidays from garden Affairs, we can start preparations for the next spring-summer season.
In particular, I want to advise how to simplify and “to mechanize” the future of planting seeds in the soil is simple and original means.

It is known that most trouble delivers sowing small seeds of a type of poppy seeds. They stick together in groups, and after germination they have to thin out, losing some of the crop; instead of falling into the prepared grooves carried away by the wind — and again losses. And when you consider that today the seeds are quite expensive, the problems of seeding understandable to everyone.
However, there is a simple way to avoid these problems, a so — called ribbon planting. I cut from rolls of paper (e.g., toilet) long narrow strips of width 1 see Expanding and spreading them on the table in several rows, on each tape at equal intervals in the 2-3 inches I put a drop of starch paste. Dispense drop by drop small seeds (carrot, dill, etc.); after drying, they are held securely in strips.
The prepared tape is coiled into rolls and waiting for spring planting. Its technology is also simple: in the furrows made by the rake, is lowered the deployed tape and sprinkle the ground.
Ribbon planting
Belt landing:
1 — a strip of paper; 2 — a drop of glue; 3 — pipette paste; 4 — seeds; 5 — forceps; 6 — rod; 7 — furrow.

Culicinae “greenhouses”:
1 — scan the bag; 2 bag; 3 — clips.

This method simplifies the seeding allows you to use them sparingly and, most importantly, creates more favorable conditions for germination.
Saving packages
Not only spring, but even in early summer there are night frosts, destructive for the fragile seedling and the first seedling of vegetable crops and flowers. For those who have no hotbeds or greenhouses and all the planting is done in the open ground, I think, will be useful to my experience protection from the cold any stunted plants.
Are, of course, and common — covered green shoots “glasses” from cut plastic bottles with a capacity of 1.5—2 l But insulated them from the inside layer of newspaper, otherwise pressed up against the walls of the plant parts still podmorazhivaniya. For large plants (roses and others) used cardboard boxes. However, these “nakryvki” bulky and inconvenient for storage.
So lately made from the same cardboard packaging bags. Unfold the box into a plane, and from the middle of the long edges with a pencil and string mark out the sector, which is then cut. From this billet, fold the bag and fasten the edges of wire staples.
The resulting cone has many benefits. First of all, the cardboard protects the plants from frost. Under the bag can easily fit and tall plants. And the fact that it is opaque, contributes, I think, and enhanced growth of seedlings. To store all the bags inserted one into the other — so they take up minimal space.

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