When you decide to make your kitchen a more modern, comfortable and spacious, make sure that it had everything you might need in the economy. In this post we will introduce you to the principle of manning the kitchen in a variety of subjects, which occupy a minimum of space.

“OWNER”DRYER. Recently very popular among Housewives began folding the metal sheets. Invaluable advantage is that the total length of the bars on which to hang clothes, three or four times the length of the average kitchen. Accordingly and place in the dryer can be much more than a clothesline stretched from wall to wall. However, the folding dryer has a flaw to hide her in the apartment very difficult.


We offer homemade folding dryer arranged almost the same as the table-“owner”, which is only 200 mm long worktop kitchen units. The case of such dryers is going, plastic coated chipboards of thickness 20 mm. they are Joined by standard furniture corners, which can be purchased complete with M6 screws with countersunk heads and threaded bushings. In the enclosure base are secured four furniture wheel.
At the top of the panel are connected using two cable ties — steel pipe with an outer diameter of 18 mm. At the ends of the pipes are pressed and fixed by welding the nuts, which are rolled screws M6 mounting panels.
The frame of the grille of the dryer from sections of steel pipe with an outer diameter of 16 mm, the same pipe and folding prop. Hinges grating serve as stand pipes with an inner diameter of respectively 18 and 16 mm.
Roll-out “book”-dryer under worktop kitchen units.
The design of the “books”-of the dryer:
1 — front panel (particleboard, s20); 2 — handle; 3 — M6 screws; 4 — bushing (steel, pipe 22×2); 5 — coupling (steel, pipe 18×2); 6 — the bars (stainless steel rod Ø3. 12 PCs); 7 — the support in the retracted position (steel pipe 16×1,5); 8 — frame grille (steel, pipe 16×1,5); 9 — ring-limiter (steel, pipe 22×2); 10 — nut M6 (4 PCs); 11 — rear panel (particleboard, s20); 12 — nut M3 (48 PCs); 13 — wheel furniture; 14 — bushing (steel, pipe 20×2); 15 —bottom (particle Board, s20); 16 — tip (polyethylene); 17 — a support in a reclined position.
Vacatioj table-

Vacatioj table”book”:
1 — front panel (particleboard, s20); 2 — handle; 3 — coupler (steel, pipe 18×2); 4 — hinged support bracket (steel, sheet s3);
5 — tabletop (particle Board, s20);6 — wheel furniture; 7 — the bottom (particle Board, s20); 8 — the support in the retracted position (steel pipe 20×2), 9— tip (polyethylene); 10 — support in the tilted position.

The bars are segments of 3-mm stainless steel wire, the ends of which is made thread M3. Docking bars and the frame with the nuts, two on each side.
When finishing dryers special attention to the color of the frames of the lattices. You need to thoroughly degrease the metal with acetone or solvent and primed with two coats and cover two or three coats of enamel.
TABLE”OWNER”. There is probably no need to paint his dignity. However, the table-“airfield” for the living are unlikely to be appropriate in a small kitchen. However, it is not difficult to provide portable dining table; when folded, it is (like the dryer) only 200 mm of the length of the table top.
The case of the table”books”, like the dryer. The panels also connect the two pipes with a diameter of 18 mm. Worktop — plastic coated chipboard. Joints worktops represent segments of a steel pipe with an inner diameter of 18 mm, welded to steel plates 3 mm thick. Hinged support — tube diameter 20 mm mounting Brackets, which they are pivotally mounted to the table top and welded from sheet steel 3 mm. bracket Design ensures reliable focusing of the tubular legs when the limit of its deflection.
ROLL-OUT SHELVES. As you know, to utilize the entire volume of the kitchen table is difficult, because the depth is about 600 mm: all that is in its rear part, remote and out of the sight of the mistress. However, if you collect two or three roll-out shelves, which are the same as the table-“owner” and “owner”the dryer will be located under the countertop of kitchen units, it will greatly facilitate the owner of the access items of kitchen utensils, will allow better use of the space under the sink.
Roll-out shelves
Roll-out shelves:
1 —M3 nut (24 PCs); 2 — front panel (particleboard, s20); 3—handle; 4 — panel top (chipboard, s20); 5 — area furniture with screws and threaded bushings; 6 — fence (stainless steel wire Ø3); 7 — shelves (chipboard, s20); 8 — wheel furniture; 9 — bottom panel (particleboard, s20); 10 — holder (beech pin Ø10, 8 PCs); 11 — rear panel (particleboard, s20).
Kitchen cabinets with roll-out Desk, dryer, and shelves

Kitchen cabinets with roll-out Desk, dryer, and whatnot.
The body of the wall units is the same as that of the dryer or table, only instead of a pair of tubes in the upper part of the fixed panel of chipboard. Of the same panels and two shelves. The latter is mounted on a homemade shelf brackets made of round beech tenons in the shelves, at the junction of them with spikes made by sampling half the diameter of the stud.
All the shelves have perimeter segments of wire (stainless steel) with a diameter of 3 mm, the ends of which are made of thread M3. Mounting enclosures — pair of nuts on each side.
With careful execution and meticulous finishing roll-out shelves may be able to function as a serving table.

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