SAWS D-6A happy event — acquisition the garden plot is often overshadowed due to the lack of supply on this undeveloped territory. In such situation I have made with chain sawing machine to expedite the process of construction of the house.
Another feature of the machine is working in generator mode of the electric power. I think that this versatile unit will appeal to many Amateur builders.
The basis for the design is the frame from a road bike cropped top. It is attached by M8 screws on two long steel poles with profiles of the type “area” that are installed parallel to each other. These pillars, in turn, attached with screws M6 to the top of the workbench. Saw blade diameter 250 mm is mounted on the bushing from a Bicycle front wheel by using four M4 screws. On the other hand soldered to the hub sprocket (Z=10) made from the drive sprocket of the engine D-6.
The power plant of the machine — engine D-6. Mechanisms clutch control taken. Starts a starter motor from a chainsaw “Friendship”. To do this, the engine cover that covers the magneto drilled hole Ø 21 mm — it passes through the ratchet, a screw to the shaft of the crank mechanism. To install starter designed bracket spacer from Board with thickness of 28 mm. Four M4 mounting screws also pass through holes in the magneto cover.
Grip throttle control and gas tank are mounted on wooden racks. To fix the throttle position on the outer sleeve of the handle brazed steel plate with M5 threaded under the lamb. The transfer of torque from the engine to the saw blade is effected by a chain transmission.
Fig. 1. Gasoline chain saw machine is the generator.
Fig. 1. Gasoline chain saw machine-generator:
1 — muffler, 2 — Bicycle frame, 3 — cross connection (Board 20Х180Х400 mm, 3 PCs.), 4 — lever throttle control, 5 — plate-lock arm (steel), 6 — screw M5, 7 — saw blade, 8 — bracket sprockets (2 pieces), 9 — worktop workbench (plywood, 16 mm thick), 10 — longitudinal linkage (“area” 50X50 mm, 2 pieces), 11 — circuit, 12 — sprocket (Z=10), 13 — bracket-spacer, 14 — chain, 15 — groove saw blade, 16 — tank 17 — restrictive Board (40X200X400 mm), 18 — D-6 engine, 19 — Cycling sleeve 20 clamps the generator 21 generator G-424.
Fig. 2. Bearing Bicycle hub.
Fig. 2. Bearing Bicycle hub:
1 — counter shaft sprocket (Z=10), 2 — the longitudinal connection, 3 — sleeve, 4 — screw M6, 5 — counter, 6 — bracket, 7 — circular saw blade.
Fig. 3. The attachment of the drive sprocket.
Fig. 3. The attachment of the drive sprocket:
1 — drive sprocket, 2 dowel 2X2,4X4,5 mm, 3 — key segment, 4 — shank crank mechanism 5 — M8 screw, 6 — pinion.
Fig. 4. Bearing, driven sprocket on the generator.
Fig. 4. Bearing, driven sprocket on the generator:
1 — nut M12, 2 — sprocket driven, 3 — key segment, 4 — shank generator, 5 — Bush.
Fig. 5. Ratchet to start the engine with the starter.
Fig. 5. Ratchet to start the engine with the starter.
Fig. 6. Bracket-spacer.
Fig. 6. Bracket spacer:
1 — moulding (steel, thickness 2 mm), 2 — the screw 3X2 mm (6 PCs.).
Fig. 7. Schematic diagram of the connection of the generator.
Fig. 7. Schematic diagram of the connection of the generator.

Base circular saw is completely made of wood: the tabletop is made of plywood thickness 16 mm, feet — from bruskov by section 50X50 mm. the Rigidity of the frame is provided with braces. The required width of the cutting Board exposed to restrictive (40X200X400 mm) with two transverse grooves for screws with wing heads. During cross-cutting the bounding Board is removed and the disc with an oblique tooth is replaced by a circular saw blade with straight teeth.
Translation of machine in the generator mode is done in the following way. Generator G-424 from a motorcycle “Dnepr” is fixed by clamps to the cross boards between the legs of the bench. The shank of the crankshaft with the screw installed on the dowel sprocket (Z=10). Between it and the sprocket of the generator stretches the chain. Clutch cover when it is removed. For generator operation it is necessary to use a relay-regulator and the excitation winding connected to the battery or battery cells connected in series with a total voltage of 12 V. If you use a battery, it will recharge when the alternator at its rated speed.
Operate sawing machine you need outdoors, petrol orienting the unit so that the wind carried the sawdust to the sides of Vozduhoflotsky. Installation of protective screen would reduce blockage.
More than five years experience on such machine proves its reliability, but the lack of fan and the vent on the engine is the high load overheating. So that the motor time to cool off, it is necessary to work in intermittent mode. When paired with a generator load is much less and overheating does not occur.
Specifications sawing machine-generator
Engine: D-6
Power, HP: 1,2
Maximum cutting depth, mm: 90
The feed rate (when cutting pine boards 50 mm thick), m/min: 1,5
Fuel consumption:
when bucking, l/h: not more than 0.5
when working on the generator G-424 power 150 W, l/h to 0.25 (depending on load)
Voltage, V: 12
Dimensions, mm: 850X400X550
Weight, kg: 26

V. SOLOVIEV, Leningrad

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