DISPENSER FOR EPOXY RESINSAs is known, the epoxy consists of resin and hardener. Before applying them mixed in a ratio of 8:1 by volume, and this mass in three or four hours into a hard synthetic material. To measure the resin and hardener just when we are talking about a large enough number of them. But at home sometimes it takes only a few drops of glue and therefore to comply with the required proportion of difficult. Suggest to make a simple dispenser of two medical syringes with the ratio of their diameters is about 1:2,8 – 2,9. It is sufficient to trim the ends of standard needles and connect them as shown in the figure. Stocks of syringes replaced with bent steel wire with a diameter of 4 mm. Dispenser ready. To make a portion of the adhesive onto a clean dry surface, squeeze the required number of components and mix thoroughly with a wooden or glass rod.

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