DO YOU HAVE ANY WASTE PAPER?The time has passed when the collection of waste paper was only the students. Today many adults are willing to collect waste paper to exchange them for interesting book subscription. Well, when it is possible to lay down these mountains of old Newspapers, magazines, manuscripts in the closet. If not — are piled everywhere mixed paper bales and bundles, until they reach “grade weight”.
The proposed simple design-capacity for waste paper. The place it does not take a lot, but it will help to maintain order in the apartment.
The main part of the paper are old Newspapers and magazines. Collect them better individually. And the rules of points of reception of recyclable materials require sorting.
In the picture you see box-packer has internal dimensions the size of a folded newspaper or magazine. The material for the walls can serve as a thick plywood, hardboard, chipboard, word, any durable sheet material. One of the walls of the box make hinged on two small hinges. In the middle of each wall, cut with a hacksaw slightly more than half the height of the vertical groove. Put inside of a box criss-crossed string, print its ends through the slots to the outside — packer ready to go. Once it is filled, tie the ends of the cord and pushing forward wall of the drawer, pull out a neatly folded bundle.
Box-packer for Newspapers and magazines.
Box-packer for Newspapers and magazines.
According to the magazine “Popular science”, USA

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