FOLLOW THE LEADER ON THE SPOTNow many people use the bike in winter as indoor exercise bike. Options the reasons for this are constructed very different. The total they have, perhaps, one thing: “boring” to pedal PA. After all, on a real road situation is constantly changing, which brings variety to the trip.

But it is possible to simulate such a drive at home, just on the base frame at the front of the bike to reinforce the endless belt with the image of a road Here is a schematic diagram of such a device, proposed by Polish cyclists. The base framework is done in such a way that you can install on her bike without both wheels. Then it is easy to use chain drive for the propulsion of “roadbed” under the front steering fork, which is on a wire leash attached to a toy car, mounted on “the road.” When driving an endless belt with the image of the road steering the bike, you can control the position of the car on her, staging a kind of race “leader.”

From the above figures and patterns clear the design of the bike and the interaction of its nodes. Chain drive from pedal drive is thrown on a small asterisk (rear wheels) mounted on the intermediate shaft. From him the rotation is transmitted to the rubber harnesses or straps on the drive shaft of an endless belt. Her tension is articulated suspension of the driven shaft “of the roadway”, the shaft of stretched rubber or spring shock absorber attached to the frame.
Exercise bike.
1 — frame base, 2 — bracket of the Bicycle frame, 3 — place a support carriage 4, an intermediate shaft with sprocket, 5 — drive belt to the drive shaft of “the road”, 6 — shaft of an endless belt 7 of the front fork of a Bicycle, 8 — lead car, 9 — car, 10 — endless ribbon of road, 11 — output shaft, 12 — jointed suspension, driven shaft, 13 — rubber damper, 14 — restrictive cheek the driven shaft to the endless belt.
Changing the cadence varies the rotation speed of the endless belts, and hence the speed of the “movement” of the car-the leader on the road with its bends, road signs and other elements of the situation.

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