MEZZANINE ON THE CEILING...In the close quarters, it turns out that we can not guess to use a virtually empty area, as the ceiling around the fixture can be arranged if small mezzanine.

In many homes the kitchen is small, and the place is a standard set of furniture hard enough. In addition, the protrusions of the walls or passing the lines of communication hinder to hang appropriately kitchen shelves. All this leads to a chaotic placement or hanging of the functional volumes to the inconvenience of using them.
Hence the inevitable search for alternative solutions to the interior. I want to offer one unexpected option, the essence of which is expressed in the title: indeed, the installation location of the unusual mezzanine in the center of the ceiling. Open and accessible from all four sides, this versatile shelf will incorporate a subsidiary cooking materials, including those used infrequently. Located high enough, it is not evident, is not perceived visually heavy object. In addition, the mezzanine and at the same time plays the role of an unusual lampshade on its bottom part displays frosted window serves as a ceiling lamp.
This design is used in the kitchen, a large area under it can be dealt with properly in a dining area with interface design a table, chairs or benches. Moreover, such a package could be made outside of the kitchen — for example, to move to the living room, where he forms its functional area.
Fig. 1. Ceiling mezzanine.
Fig. 1. Ceiling mezzanine:
1 — bottom shield, 2 — tie, 3 — piping lamp, 4 — edging of the shield 5 is a vertical divider (an additional element), 6 — vertical bar mine (bacon), 7 — beam of the support frame 8 to the upper shield.
Manufacturer of ceiling mezzanine does not present great difficulties. The basic material for its parts is particle Board, 15 mm thick, but it is better — plywood or plastic. Of the simplest methods of finishing the surface of the chipboard can be recommended wrapping a rubber sheet or thick paper, followed by coating with latex, alkyd or oil paints.
The manufacture and Assembly of the mezzanine conducted in sequence. First from a sheet of chipboard cut into panel components — their sizes and configurations shown on the drawings. Then cut strips of the edging of the horizontal boards and shelf window lamp, and a metal corner — couplers for connection details.
Fig. 2. Assembly sequence and details of the mezzanine.
Fig. 2. Assembly sequence and details of the mezzanine:
(1 — start installation, 2 — completion):
A — vertical bar mine, B — panel, upper shield, lower shield, G — rake edging of the shield, D — additional crossbar, E — rail edging the window of the lamp.
Fig. 3. Connecting the mine with the beam.
Fig. 3. Connecting the mine with the beam:
1 — panel shaft, 2 — bolt M10, 3 — beam.
Assembly starts with the lower panel: for a set and fasten the corners of the vertical elements. Then of the four panels going on a plug-in round thorns second horizontal shield and approaching the mine, formed by vertical elements; they are also attached with corners. Then between the horizontal shields are introduced and installed on glue additional vertical partition. Completing the assembling of the piping rails horizontal panels and window lamp.
Now from boards is going 40X150 mm support frame pendants mezzanine, consisting of four struts, attached with brackets to the walls, and lying on them the two horizontal beams. The elements of the frame are joined using plug-in round thorns and strengthened corners.
To the assembled support frame unit is suspended using M10 bolts: three bolts passing through each beam and the upper portion of the sidewalls of the mine.
From decorative beams and posts can be coated with a furniture varnish — light or dark, with or without stain.
G. PROCUMENT, architect

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