LIGHT-TRAPComes summer time, and most urban dwellers goes to the city. Tourists of all categories — the people tempered, and unassuming; but those who prefer a holiday in the country, tend to be arranged with the greatest comfort. And, perhaps, one of the difficult problems here — how to get rid of the annoying night insects, obnoxious gnats. A variety of chemicals, aerosols, creams operate for a short time, their odor is not always pleasant, and the composition is not harmless for everyone.

Offer the insect to use a simple device can be made from scrap materials for one evening. The principle of its operation is to lure insects electric light and catching them with the built-in fan housing.
For the production of “electroshock” ‘ll need a small electric motor with a power of 10-20 W (for example, from any electromyographies class III), lamp cartridge, and two cans of different diameters. Aluminum plate 20X100 mm cut out fan blades. In the centre drill a hole the diameter of the motor shaft. Aligning the propeller shaft Assembly with two thick plastic washers, attach the “hub” of epoxy glue. The blades fold back at a 30-45°angle.
1 — rubber ring 2 — motor, 3 — body, 4 — fan, 5 — cover, 6 — suspension, 7 — strip-bracket a 8 — M4 screw, 9 — washer, 10 — nylon pouch.

To a round wooden base screw a couple of screws bulb holder. Then connect the two metal strips-brackets to the stator of the motor. Their length should provide a gap of 25-50 mm between the lower point of the lamp and the motor shaft. Insert this node in a tin can of suitable size and fasten the two M4 screws at a level below the blades of the fan located at a lower edge of the banks on Top of 10-15 mm. at the base of the bulb holder, put on the lid, carved from the banks of larger size. Between the edges of the cover and the housing must remain a gap of 50 mm, through it will be visible as the brightest part of the bulb.
Bag-a trap is easiest to do with an old nylon stocking. Put it on the case bottom and secure with a rubber ring. It remains to connect the wiring of the lamp and the motor to the power source and suspend “electroshock” below the ceiling of the veranda.
Such a mini-trap at the base of the motor from a child’s toy and the bulb flashlight is easy to do offline. Hanging on the branches of nearby trees or in the gazebo, you will ensure a relaxing evening in the fresh air.
According to the magazine “Popular mechanics”, USA

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