SYMMETRIC FENCEThe DPJ picket fence infield or garden often make a pointed — with symmetrical bevels right and left. To make such bevels is most convenient in solehah wooden box, the walls of which are cut crosswise. Sulagi help if all the slats the same width. Well, if you have to “fuss” of different straps? In this case, the conductor can ruin the fence – they get sharpened asymmetrically
Here’s how to exit the position. Waterproof box for 20 – 30 mm wider than the widest of the workpiece. In the sidewalls of propisyvaetsya only one slot To the bottom of the box to the side of privaite small wooden bruson – emphasis will need two wedges to clamp the rail in the fixture. After receiving a single bevel plank overturn the other party brought to stop fixing wedges and sawing with the other hand. The symmetry in this case is aged, regardless of the width of the Board. Same on all bars will be sharpening angle.

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